Aritaum pore master sebum control primer


Aritaum Pore Master is supposed lớn be a dupe to lớn the famous benefit Porefessional, minimizing your pores & making you look as flawless as anything possibly can. But is it true? Does it actually bởi anything at all for us, acne prone girls? Let’s see.

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In every Aritaum reviews, you have me complaining about not having any box, only a sticker. Pore Master is no different.


It is a regular squeeze tube, which is very simple, yet pretty. It is mainly pale turquoise, the colour scheme is just turquoise which is one of my favourite colours. There are no English information other than the name.





After squeezing a little out, skintone coloured substance comes out. I say substance because it is not watery, it feels as if it was a silicone based (just like the Porefessional), so if you don’t like silicone primers, you won’t enjoy this one.


The breathing mineral polymer gel covers pores và irregularities smoothly for a flawless look.

I don’t really have sầu many open pores, but there are some on the sides of my nose and my cheeks, this primer fills some of them, not all. My face definitely doesn’t look poreless. I also used this between my brows, around my mouth (smile lines) & on my lower cheeks, where all my blemishes are. It smooths the skin lớn a certain level. It does smooth the skin between my brows but it doesn’t smooth the skin over blemishes and the bumps that are there, it also doesn’t have any effect on my smile lines.

The micro-fine sebum control powder absorbs sebum for a matte finish.

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I’m honestly not sure if it controls sebum. I’ve been using this for the past month with both foundations that I know work for me & foundations that don’t work as greatly. And my conclusion? I feel lượt thích it makes no or not noticeable difference. My nose still gets oily and some foundations still break around my mouth (maybe not as much but they still do).

To stop saying mostly negative sầu things, it does make my skin matte, mainly my nose, when applied before my foundation. It also slightly tints my nose so I don’t have lớn use as much foundation / concealer there, it’s not a drastic change, but for me, it is noticeable because I know how red my nose can be.

Green tea extracts sooth and tighten skin.

Also, another great thing is that it contains a green tea extract. Green tea is known to lớn have many benefits for the skin, including calming inflammation và acne, reduce aging signs, puffy & dark under eyes, et cetera. So even if it doesn’t completely smooth the acne bumps, it helps lớn heal and calm them.


Even tho it doesn’t vị as much for my skin, I vị lượt thích this và recommend using it. I just don’t feel lượt thích my skin needs primers, it’s not necessary for me. But I still will continue using this one because in the end, it still does something and something is always better than nothing, right?

You can get your own on Jolse*.

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