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call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Download & Installation Issues

What to vị if you are experiencing issues downloading or installing hotline of Duty: Advanced Warfare

We are aware that some players are experiencing slow tải về và installation issues with Gọi of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We have sầu identified a couple of scenartiện ích ios that may lead khổng lồ these issues along with some troubleshooting tips to lớn solve sầu each one.

General issues

Make sure your console is connected to lớn the Internet before starting the installation.Keep your console connected khổng lồ the Internet throughout the entire installation.Do not attempt to play the game during installation. Allow the entire installation lớn complete before starting the game.Make sure your console is set to your current region.You may experience slow downloads due to the kích thước of the download, as well as your region và the tốc độ of your Internet connection. If your Internet connection’s tải về tốc độ is 10 MB, the tải về can take up lớn 11 hours. On a 30 MB connection, the tải về can take three hours.

Pre-loaded games

If you pre-loaded điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PlayStation 4 và you're experiencing issues with the game, follow the steps below.

Restore your PS4 licenses. Go lớn Settings > PSN > Restore License. If this doesn't solve sầu the issue, continue to Step 3.Go lớn Library, highlight hotline of Duty: Advanced Warfare & press Options.Delete Game Content.While still in the Library highlight hotline of Duty: Advanced Warfare & press X khổng lồ re-tải về the nội dung.

Update running during installation

Some players have sầu reported corrupt or locked up installs due to lớn updates being downloaded while the game is downloading or being installed on Xbox One. You will know this is happening if the installation keeps switching between Installation và Queued. If you run into this issue, try the following:

Remove the call of Duty: Advanced Warfare disc from your Xbox One.Go lớn My Games, press the Menu button, và then uninstall Gọi of Duty: Advanced Warfare.Place the Hotline of Duty: Advanced Warfare disc baông chồng in your Xbox One.Try lớn begin the game, and if it asks you lớn update, say No. Your game should begin installing.After the install has completed, boot up the game & install the update.

Firmware 14.11

We have sầu learned that players using the 14.11 pnhận xét firmware on Xbox One may experience extremely long installation times on physical copies. Players who have sầu 14.11 preview firmware on Xbox One are recommended to lớn install offline.