Customize your loadout and jump into a frantic match of hotline of Duty. Earn killstreaks và dominate enemies while on your way to work, on your couch, or even in your bathroom with this title.

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Answer the call & fight for glory

Take the power, energy, & explosive nature of gọi of Duty with you everywhere you go, in this iteration of the franchise for mobile devices. Hotline of Duty is an action-packed first-person-shooter that puts you in the boots of a soldier that’s armed lớn the teeth. In this iteration, there are multiple guns, characters, and maps that have been stuffed into one standalone package. There are mentions of updates that will include single-player and co-op but, for now, there’s a strong focus on multiplayer, và that’s made pretty clear with the presence of maps like Nuketown.

That’s a place where team-based deathmatch has made a name for itself. The huge tác phẩm variety is important because loadout customization is included. You’re able to lớn tune your personalized choice of weapons và gadgets to take with you into each firefight.

With this title, you also get khổng lồ see a return of a plethora of trò chơi modes. This includes team deathmatch, domination, capture the flag, & hardpoint. With a decent connection, all of these feel right và make for some great fun. A big deal, however, is the inclusion of an entirely new way khổng lồ play the game.

Battle royale has been introduced lớn the franchise, và it plays well on mobile. Here, you join up to lớn one hundred total players in a fight for survival. You can enter the struggle on your own, in a duo, or as an entire squad.

What makes this title stand out is its inclusion of a large variety of vehicles in the chaos. You can jump into ATVs, helicopters, tactical water rafts, and 4x4s khổng lồ traverse an expansive bản đồ in your quest for victory.

There’s something to lớn say about the customization present in this game. As you progress with every match, the trò chơi will track your stats and record your advancements. Every kill, victory, and achievement you earn unlocks new items. These include weapons, outfits, characters, and unique pieces of gear from the điện thoại tư vấn of Duty universe that can be included in your loadout. This is fantastic, khổng lồ say the least. This keeps you engaged in every match, ever searching for the opportunity lớn improve and take steps closer to lớn your next reward.

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The multiplayer finds another great way to lớn keep you immersed. There’s a ranking system that also tracks your stats, and stamps your profile with your progression. Every step you take, bullet you fire, & death you suffer is included on a virtual scoreboard. All of these địa chỉ up khổng lồ produce a specific title for your account. This is put on display for everyone to lớn see.

Bragging rights have always been a part of the franchise, and it’s more present than ever here. This is made more clear with the inclusion of clans. This is a group you can khung to play ranked clan matches with, and take on the challenge of climbing the leaderboards, unlocking items, and making new friends lớn play with. However, this system is a bit limited. There’s no online multiplayer hub to nói qua with your clan, or special place lớn show off your achievements.

This title runs pretty well on most devices. It does require a pretty powerful mix of hardware, though, và this might be something that puts off a lot of players. However, the trò chơi presents you with a comfortable & easy khổng lồ navigate interface. Running around in multiplayer is fairly simple & shooting up your foes feels decent.

Also, although key bindings are absent for obvious reasons, there is a cấp độ of customization available for the way you want to play. If you can’t handle the default settings, there are certain tweaks you can make. You can steer away from the simple mode, which automatically fires at enemies when they pop into your crosshair, và try out the advanced mode. The latter gives you more control because you must manually fire your weapon as you navigate the battlefield. This traditional cài đặt might feel more natural for veterans. However, it’s still very different from the classic mouse & keyboard setup, so it does feel a little awkward no matter what setting is selected.

Where can you run this program?

This trò chơi runs on most app android devices. The version isn’t as important as the strength of the device in question. It’s also available for iPhone.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This trò chơi gives you everything you need in a twitchy first-person-shooter. There are others that compare, lượt thích Bullet Force, but it doesn’t have the charm, visuals, & accuracy that this title provides.

Our take

Call of Duty really shines in this iteration. It’s a small step onto the smaller screen, but it’s a leap into a new, và fun way to lớn enjoy the franchise. Its highlight is the ability khổng lồ take the action-packed gameplay with you anywhere in the world. As if that weren’t enough, you can even play with friends, and do so in competitive ranked matches. It has everything you need for quick bursts of fun.

Should you tải về it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a fun, action-packed, and customizable first-person-shooter, this is a perfect choice.

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