Game at chu bai


Bai Choi is one of the theater performances, full of improvisation and widely enjoyed by most audiences.

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The art of Bai Choi

Bai Choi was recognized as Vietnam’s national intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2017. The art of Bai Choi in central Vietnam appeared hundreds of years ago, originating from the habit of locals during the reclamation period.

At that time, locals usually built huts in the fields to protect flowers and vegetables from wild animals. Inside each hut, there are instruments like wooden bells, drums, và locals used them khổng lồ make noise và drive predators away. & the art of Bai Choi was formed as entertainment. Today, Bai Choi is still a famous game in central Vietnam.

Playing Bai Choi is simply sitting in a hut and playing cards. But not only a card game, it is an art performance of the actor in the role “anh hieu” (MC).

Bai Choi in Hoi An

Talking about Bai Choi, there are 4 words that players have to lớn remember. The folk songs are actually based on poems và do not have a key melody. Instead, the melody mainly depends on the rhythm of poems, which is divided into 6 types: Xuan Nu Co, Xuan Nu Moi, co Ban, Xang xe cộ Cu, Xang xe cộ Moi, Ho Quang. The MC randomly sings out loud a folk tuy nhiên representing each of the cards.

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To organize a Bai Choi game, the first thing to vày is khổng lồ build huts. Nowadays, building huts has many changes, with one hut for “anh hieu”, & the others placed beside or around the area for the players.

The way locals of different regions organize Bai Choi is diverse but also common, from the hut design, costume, cards, “anh hieu”, music, reward, etc. Each player will select 3 cards khổng lồ start the game. The cars, pasted on bamboo sticks, are engraved with objects, human figures and animals. Each card corresponds to a particular song. A player sings a song and the MC will listen và ring the bell if the tuy vậy is corresponding to the image of the card.

Bai Choi in domain authority Nang (photo by Baodanang)

The traditional Bai Choi is an entertainment existing for a long time. In Bai Choi, winning và losing are not important, & that is why this game has become a chất lượng cultural art & developed significantly.

Today, in the region between quang Nam & Binh Thuan, we still hear the sound of locals playing Bai Choi. Some locals even join a team or a group to lớn perform in other areas.

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