Ciri"s life can take various different paths at the over of The Witcher 3 -- but which one is the best outcome for her và for players?


The hugely popular The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been a major player in the video game world since its release by CD Projekt in 2015. Now, seven years down the line, players are jumping into tác giả Andrzej Sapkowski"s world for the first time. The Witcher 3 has a lot of twists và turns that can significantly impact the ending of the Wild Hunt saga. In fact, there are a total of 36 different endings that players can achieve, with most of them affecting the lives of those closest lớn Geralt.

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It is Ciri"s outcome that is the main focal point of the ending, và there are three paths her life can take. She can join Geralt on the path of the Witcher, follow her dad"s footsteps to become an Empress, or she can meet her doom. What is considered the best option is Ciri becoming a Witcher. However, if Geralt makes the wrong choices, this ending may not come lớn fruition, leading to a disappointing finale for some players.

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Throughout the events of The Witcher 3, Geralt will be given various dialogue options lớn choose from when it comes to Ciri. Some options have negative implications và can send Ciri down either the Empress or death paths. Choosing three of the positive options will give Ciri the Witcher life. During the mission "Blood on the Battlefield," Ciri needs cheering up after having a disagreement with Avallac"h. Geralt can either tell Ciri khổng lồ relax or he can vị something khổng lồ lift her spirits. Choosing the latter will start a snowball fight between the pair and is the best option to choose in this situation.

Later on, in the same mission, there is the option lớn take Ciri khổng lồ see Emhyr in Vizima before heading to Velen. Skip the visit & head straight to lớn Bald Mountain. It is mandatory khổng lồ choose this option for Ciri to become a Witcher. If she visits Emhyr, the Witcher journey for Ciri will not be possible, and her outcome will sway towards Empress.

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The mission "Final Preparations" sees Geralt, Ciri and the rest of their gang prepare for the final battle with the Wild Hunt. In the quest, sorceresses Philippa và Margarita want khổng lồ have a talk with Ciri. She can either vì chưng this alone or with Geralt by her side. Sending Ciri on her own is the best option.


Ciri, Yennefer và Geralt"s journey takes them to lớn Avallac"h"s lab during the events of "The Child of the Elder Blood." They come across a female Aen Elle, who insults Ciri and makes her believe Avallac"h hates her, leaving her enraged. In this situation, it"s best to lớn encourage Ciri lớn "Go for it" and release her pent up rage by smashing up the lab.

The next influential decision that can be made involves Skjall, a man Ciri befriended on her journey around Skellige. She learns that Skjall has sadly passed away since she last saw him. Ciri would like to pay her respects & visit Skjall"s grave. Geralt can go with her, triggering the mission "Skjall"s Grave" & adding another positive point. All these options lead up khổng lồ the events of the final quest, "Something Ends, Something Begins." The aspects of the mission can differ, depending on the options Geralt chose through the game.

First, Geralt will visit Emhyr, telling him Ciri died during the events of the penultimate mission. Afterwards, Geralt heads to White Orchard to lớn pick up a sword. Next, he heads to lớn an inn where he meets Ciri & gifts her the sword. Once Ciri states that she wants khổng lồ try it out, Geralt replies, "Not here, you"ll have ample opportunity soon enough, Witcher," confirming Ciri is now a quái vật hunter, just lượt thích her adopted father. As an added bonus, if Geralt romanced both Yennefer and Triss during the events of the game, Ciri will visit him in Corvo Bianco during the "Be It Ever So Humble..." mission in the Blood và Wine DLC.

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