Updated! cosrx sleeping pack showdown: honey and rice overnight mask reviews


I have been eyeing this product for quite a long time for one simple reason; everytoàn thân hyped this up, or most importantly, Liah hyped this up. I was super curious about how good can this sản phẩm be for people to lớn be raving about it. Soko Glam and COSRX clalặng that this hàng hóa suits all skin type but for more reference, I also searched up other people’s đánh giá on this and most people clayên that it’s better for dry skin as it was quite rich.

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I was a bit hesitant to lớn purchase this as I was still haunted by my experience of the rich moisturizer that is just too rich and moisturizing for me that it makes my skin uncomfortable. While on the other h&, I was super curious especially because it is packed with Niacinamide as one of the key ingredients since I badly want to lớn try it out. Anyway, I bought the product and I am here with the review



Formulated with 65% rice extract, this sleeping mask intensely hydrates và brightens skin to lớn give sầu you a fresh và even complexion. Packed with niacinamide, a powerhouse brightening ingredient, and hydrating sunflower seed oil, this mask is designed to nourish và moisturize tired skin while you sleep. With the texture of a lightweight cream, it absorbs easily, so it can also be used as a regular daytime or nighttime moisturizer! If you’re looking for a sleeping paông chồng that hydrates và brightens skin without transferring onto your clothes và pillow, this sleeping mask is the one to try.

This product has a pH màn chơi of 6.5

Fragrance-không lấy phí.

TIP: As a 3-in-1 mask, this sản phẩm can be used as an overnight mask, a cream or as a wash-off mask!

COSRX Comic Poster

PackagingI’ll just skip on describing the packaging because it’s just lượt thích any other sản phẩm in a plastic tube.


Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Betaine, Niacinamide, Dimethicone, 1,2-Hexanediol, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitung Olivate, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Kernel Oil, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Arginine, Carbomer, Allantoin, Xanthan Gum

For full information on the ingredients of what their purposes are or whether they can trigger acne or irritation, I suggest you check the CosDNA analysis here.

Comedogenic: 0~5 (the lower means there is less chance that it will happen)

Irritation: 0~5 (the lower means there is less chance that it will happen)

Safety: 1~9 (the lower number means the ingredient is low hazard)

As you can see, most of the ingredients here have a low number on both the comedogenic and irritation index. I’m assuming this sản phẩm would be gentle for sensitive sầu skin but really, notoàn thân truly knows your skin better than yourself so please bởi kiểm tra what you are sensitive sầu to lớn in order to lớn confirm whether this sản phẩm would sensitize your skin or not. But for me, it doesn’t trigger any unpleasant reaction on my skin.

As you probably know, Rice extract is a deeply hydrating, anti-ageing ingredient full of antioxidants, vitamins B & E, & wonderful natural emollients. With its high percentages of fatty acids, it can make a wonderful moisturizer. Even so, rice extract is light và it penetrates easily, so it’s not likely lớn increase the oiliness of the skin. The natural Vi-Ta-Min E plus vitamin B help firm and tighten the skin, maintaining hydration, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Rice extract also contains Squalane which is known to lớn improve the elastithành phố of the skin. Another commonly known benefit of rice is the slight brightening effect which helps reduce the appearance of dark spots & even out the skin tone.

Niacinamide or Vi-Ta-Min B3 is a water-soluble Vi-Ta-Min working with the substances naturally found in the skin. Niacinamide can help repair a compromised skin barrier while improving the appearance of skin with its ability to lớn visibly improve sầu the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, và a weakened skin surface. It suppresses the melanin production on the skin which results in a brightening effect & on top of that it is a moisturizing ingredient that has an anti-inflammatory property as well as it does regulate sebum production. That’s quite a multifunctional ingredient right there & it is stable in the presence of heat và light which is most probably why it is a very much hyped up ingredient.

Seeing actual rice extract và humectants as the first ingredients on the list is one of the things that I really appreciate from this hàng hóa & basically any other Korean product. When I started using Korean products they just impress me so much with their ratio of ingredients because the key ingredients that they put on the label actually take a significant part in the formulation which just reassures me that whatever ingredient that makes me buy the sản phẩm actually goes into my skin and optimally vị its job.

FragranceThis hàng hóa is insanely fragrance-không tính phí. It literally smells lượt thích nothing. In all my skincare experience, I have never found something so scentless even aý muốn fragrance-miễn phí products. When I first attempted khổng lồ smell it, I wondered if I had a cold or some sort so that it messed up my sense of smell but I tried smelling another fragrance-không tính phí product that I have sầu & I am completely fine in smelling at least something. I turned bachồng to lớn the rice mask on my finger và bring it really cthua khổng lồ find out what it smells like but I was left with nothing to conclude.

It still smells lượt thích nothing compared khổng lồ my other products, maybe just an extremely faint smell of something. Some people clayên ổn lớn have sensed the smell of rice since it consists of mainly rice extract but honestly, I don’t think it smells rice enough. It just smells lượt thích something, but very faint. Really faint. If you are sensitive sầu lớn fragrance I don’t think you will have sầu any issue with this. I am not sensitive sầu khổng lồ fragrance but I personally prefer my skincare khổng lồ be không tính phí of fragrance so this is a plus for me.

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ApplicationWhen I first squeezed out the product, I had expected it to be more on the creamy side but the hàng hóa was rather glistening and slichồng, not that I mind. At my first try, I squeezed a dime-sized amount on my palm & began slowly massaging them onkhổng lồ my face lượt thích I would with any moisturizer. I realized that they spread really easily as they are very slick so the amount that I applied was a bit too much. Therefore, now I only apply a pea-sized amount on the points of my face & I would work my way lớn mas sa them khổng lồ cover my whole face.

A pea-sized amountRight after application

As someone who normally uses gel-type moisturizer & light hydrating lotion, when I first tried this I was taken aback by how rich this feels. There are people who prefer a gel-type moisturizer because it feels super light-weight và absorbs almost immediately. However, if you normally seek for those types of moisturizer, I suggest you not lớn expect the same thing from this hàng hóa.

When you apply it, you will definitely feel the richness of the product. It is so rich that you can actually feel a slight warmth, a pleasant one at that, unlượt thích another kind of warmth that happens out of irritation. It actually feels lượt thích it really is doing its job in replenishing the moisture in your skin và nourishing it from deep within. As time went by, it absorbs very well into lớn the skin leaving it feeling very smooth without greasiness. I just need khổng lồ emphakích thước how this doesn’t leave sầu a tacky surface which is a very important point as it is a really rich moisturizer. Despite its richness, the finish that this moisturizer provides is the best that I have sầu experienced so far.

PerformanceNote: I don’t use it as a wash-off mask but I see people doing it on Youtube though. I don’t know about you guys but the thought of using such a huge amount just to lớn be rinsed off after 15 minutes hurts my heart.

As a Sleeping Mask

Whenever I use this at night, I would wake up with impressively soft & supple skin without the usual morning stickiness that I usually experience with other moisturizers. The plumpness from other sleeping masks that I’ve sầu tried only lasts up until I bởi vì the morning cleansing and maybe a little after that. But with this, Oh God, it plumps & nourishes the skin so well that it lasts a really long time. Ever since I used this sản phẩm, touching my cheek the first thing in the morning has become a gross habit.

When I touch my face while doing the morning cleansing I’d be so satisfied with how smooth my skin becomes after using the mask lượt thích OOOoooOooOooOOOOh my God! You know the type of smoothness that you get after freshly exfoliating, slapping on lotion, then going to bed? Yeah, that is the same feeling but without all the work and most probably even better.

As a Moisturizer

I tried it as a day moisturizer by applying it before my sunscreen &, voila, my sunscreen applies a lot smoother than usual. For your information, my sunscreen is specialized on its sebum control so it applies lớn a semi-matte finish và sometimes if I had not been too diligent on exfoliating it can make my skin appear more textured which leads to lớn the White cast clinging on the textured area making it look dull. With this rice mask underneath, most of my sunscreen problems are solved. It makes the application smoother, the texture finer, the Trắng cast less noticeable, & the finish dewier.

If you normally use chemical sunscreen or a hybrid sunscreen that is more focused on the chemical protection và minimal in its physical protection, you probably won’t feel most of the problems that I have và would, therefore, find no reason to lớn find this mask as a saviour, however, it would still be a very good moisturizer. Especially for those who use makeup, this is for you to get that smooth & silky tofu-lượt thích canvas to dab your foundation on. I have never tried them under makeup as I don’t own them but seeing how it really helps the application of my mattifying sunscreen I guess it lives up to its claims.

Thoughts & Recommendation

I love this hàng hóa. It noticeably plumps và nourishes my skin & on top of that, I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin và the appearance of my pores. Just so you know, I have sầu quite textured skin and since my skin is usually oily my pores are naturally more noticeable. I’m assuming the rice extract & Niacinamide really does what they clayên ổn lớn vị which is khổng lồ improve the kích thước of the pores as well as regulate the sebum production which also leads to lớn the improvement of the form size of the pores.

I just can’t agree more on the comic poster that COSRX released because it really does make my skin that soft to the point that I just sit there & touch it and…. continue touching it. This has become the hàng hóa that I reach out for the most whether it be as a sleeping mask or a moisturizer. I am just so pleased that I finally find the right moisturizer for me and on top of that, I can safely say this is my new favourite sản phẩm. I don’t see myself changing to lớn another moisturizer anytime soon & now I completely underst& why people hyped this product up as I can relate very much!!!!!!!

For those with oily skin và are prone lớn acne like I am, I find it best lớn use this sản phẩm when I plan lớn just stay at trang chủ or maybe when I travel to somewhere by car because this just makes my sunscreen sit a lot more comfortable & it protects my face from drying in an air-conditioned environment. Lately, I’ve been going out with this too in a normal outing like café dates and it went just fine too. However, if you plan khổng lồ go outside lượt thích literally to somewhere outdoor & hot & you are potentially going lớn sweat, I recommkết thúc lớn skip this sản phẩm and opt for something lighter.

For those with dry skin, I honestly can not find a good enough reason for you not lớn try this sản phẩm out. Seriously. If you are currently searching for a good moisturizer, try this out. If you are already settled to lớn a moisturizer, try this out anyway. Of course, unless you are sensitive khổng lồ one of the ingredients it would obviously be better to lớn skip this but hey if you aren’t, tRy tHis oUt.

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Last but not least is the price, which is another thing that I appreciateIt’s lượt thích half of Laneige Sleeping Mask’s price since it’s 150k ish for 60 ml while the Laneige one is 300k ish for 70 ml :”’) So yeah happy news for me I’ve sầu found a cheaper & better substitute for the Laneige Sleeping Mask.

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