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Realistic shooters seem to be getting a little more popular in the minds of developers lately. Let"s see what we have on the table, SWAT 3, Rainbow Six, Land Warrior, và now we have Project IGI: I"m Going In. If the title of the game didn"t warn you away, you"re probably wishing you had thought about it before you dropped the 35-45 bucks on this one.

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IGI is a set of a game in the middle between a more realistic shooter và an arcadey rumble against some of the dumbest terrorists ever lớn walk across your PC screens. Once again, we have a game that gets us right back into the same territory that we are so comfortable with in the FPS genre. In other words, it"s pretty much the same old stuff.So in IGI, you take control of a good "ol boy from England that pretty much kicks ass và takes names even though he sounds lượt thích someone you could punch a hole in without too much effort. He is supposedly a sneaky little bastage that can get into and out of trouble in good style & with no one the wiser. But much khổng lồ my surprise, almost all of the missions ended up in a bloodbath without too much sneaking involved. In fact, you can really only sneak around so far. There comes a point when you really just have lớn up and shoot everything that moves in order to get past some of these incredibly difficult missions. This would be a bad thing when attacking most fortified terrorist bases, but luckily, these terrorists are incredibly stupid, but I"ll into detail about that in a sec.

The missions are phối up as such... You are given a briefing showing points of interest và then dropped a little ways away from the target in some kind of stealth helicopter that no one in the vicinity seems to notice or much care about except in one mission. So there you are, plopped into the fray with only your wits. Well, there"re the guns also, và you can leave your wits at home, as you won"t find anything too mentally challenging here.

The challenge will come in trying not lớn get shot by some of the most accurate enemies you"ll ever see. As long as you make sure that their back is khổng lồ you, you"ll be fine. The AI is so dumb, you get the impression that you could use that "tap on the shoulder & run past them while they"re looking the other direction" trick you used to lớn use in second grade to lớn fool your friends. Of course, why would you vì that when you can just stab them in the neck & pick up a shiny new gun? But if you vì accidentally step into their line of sight, there is a very good chance that you will be shot.Your missions, with a couple of exceptions will involve infiltrating a base (a.k.a. Killing everybody there) & finding someone or a computer or something to lớn this extent. So pretty much, you"ll need khổng lồ run to the base, find a way in, và kill the people guarding it in order to get wherever you need khổng lồ go. Và if you have a xạ thủ rifle, this can be pretty fun even though it shows off the AI stupidity even more. So you take a potshot with the rifle killing an enemy. Fun stuff right?

Sure I guess, especially since the guy that looked to be having a nice conversation with the target is still having that conversation even though he"s covered in his friend"s brains. "Ya hear that, Bob?"There was an attempt lớn make the AI semi-smart but it was a very sad attempt. If you miss an enemy closely or even hit one, they might fall to lớn a prone position. But will get back up in a couple of seconds even if you"re still trying lớn shoot them on the ground. They forgot lớn teach these guys the cover part of "duck & cover." If you miss a guy with the sniper rifle, he"ll look from side lớn side trying lớn figure out if a huge bee just zoomed past and then go on his way, even if that bee managed to push a hole through his buddy"s chest.

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You"d think that if a base heard AK"s firing and death screams, they"d tend to be a little more on the alert with some troops sent out to investigate the area. But gun sounds don"t travel in this world, you need to be right next lớn the barracks shooting guns in order to lớn bring out the reinforcements.And then there is the pathfinding. Ugh. How many time did guards run right past me only to turn around about fifty feet from me & then take aim lớn shoot. A whole lot. Mostly because I couldn"t hit them before they got turned around due lớn some choppy frame rates that suck for aiming. If someone manages lớn trigger an alarm, you should also know that guards will make a b-line for your position, no matter how far they are coming from. They don"t start a search or anything lượt thích that, they just find you & shoot you till you die.You take damage just about as quick as your enemies do, so you"ll need to lớn think fast và aim well when dealing with an all out firefight.

Once they get a lock on you, you"ll get dead. I had a rather large collection of death screenshots that I was going to lớn put up, but narrowed them down for the sake of time. Và the sad part about dying so much? No mid-mission save feature. It isn"t so horrible with this game except in a couple of places, but really, why not at least put in a feature where players can save once a mission or something.Other than the boring mission design and the terrible AI, the trò chơi isn"t really that terrible. It"s really pretty damn average.

The graphics are decent, but the frame rate really can be a problem. Running the game on a good machine with a GeForce 2 & 256MB of RAM, the trò chơi still ran slowly. This could very possibly be because the trò chơi runs on a modified version of a flight sim engine. The reason they used this was for the ability lớn generate large expanses of terrain. Và it does that fairly well, but I can"t say that it was really all that impressive for what it did. The Land Warrior engine did a much better job of it with much less choppiness.The sound was also very average. That"s all there is to lớn say there really. The sounds weren"t bad, but they certainly didn"t try to hard to make it very realistic. I didn"t hear any echoes across the mountainous landscapes when firing weapons, shells didn"t clink on the ground, death grunts were fairly boring, and really everything was just... Okay.But then that is really where this trò chơi lies.

Smack in the middle of the just okays. It"s exceedingly average except for the AI, which is exceedingly poor. Cool things lượt thích being able to shoot through wood, having cool binoculars that point out enemies & a satellite map of the area that will let you plan your mission out better just don"t ảo diệu for the lack of fun. There are much more interesting FPS games out there that you can enjoy for the same price. With 14 missions & no multiplayer support, this trò chơi will last only as long as you can take having to run back through missions over và over again.