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- "Can you still kém chất lượng GPS on Pokemon Go? Is it possible to lớn control the character going outside while I"m home?"

Originated by Niantic, Pokemon Go encourages people go out & catch the Pokemons. However, how can you play the trò chơi when you are unwilling khổng lồ move or go out for the game?

Well, some game assistants are created! They can help you fake GPS in Pokemon Go. They allow you lớn choose a destination on a maps and make the phone GPS synchronized. In this way, you can easily find and catch Pokemons from the places you can"t physically get to, và even capture the rare ones with ease.

So the answer lớn the question "Can you still fake GPS on Pokemon Go", is YES.

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We have researched và tested out 3 methods to nhái GPS for Pokemon Go in 2022. They did work perfectly. No hurries, we will giới thiệu the steps & the review of each method with you below. So, stay tuned!

3 Tools to giả GPS in Pokemon Go

No.1: The Best fake GPS phầm mềm - AnyTo AnyTo is designed to lớn create virtual location or route for AR games. You can use it khổng lồ fake GPS for Pokemon Go. You can change your location khổng lồ anywhere in the world và catch pokemon in the game, without going outside. What"s more, AnyTo can tư vấn both iOS và Android devices, icluding the latest iPhone 13 series, & Samsung, One Plus, Google Pixel, LG, etc.

Now we invite you lớn watch the đoạn clip to explore this AMAZING Pokemon Go Spoofer:


So how bởi vì you think about it? Cool, isn"t it? to lớn get AnyTo to fake GPS on Pokemon Go, you can click the Try It free button below to không tính tiền download it.

Try It FreeTry It Free AnyTo is voted lớn be the best GPS changer for iOS & Android device. It can change GPS location on the phone khổng lồ anywhere you want. So with it, you can giả GPS on Pokemon Go flexibly.

What can AnyTo do? Here are some main features of it:

Change GPS location on iPhone & Android device khổng lồ every corner of the world.It has 3 modes to giả GPS in Pokemon Go. You can directly choose a specific destination, or create a virtual route to move along in the game.Support all of the iPhone or ipad tablet models, và most game android devices.100% clean and safe, no jailbreak or root needed.Support 5 tiện ích ios devices at the same time.

We also added the step-by-step guide on how to fake GPS on Pokemon Go with AnyTo. It"s pretty simple so we hope everyone try it out.

Step 1: Install the software and connect device

Start with downloading AnyTo on your Windows PC or Mac & install it. Now open it and click the Get Started button. Follow the on-screen instruction to connect your device to the computer.


When the device connects to the computer successfully, it will display a bản đồ with your location on it. To nhái your location for Pokemon Go, select the Teleport Mode at the upper right corner, lượt thích the screenshot shows below. Now open Pokemon Go on your tiện ích ios or app android device.


Step 2: Select a nhái GPS location for Pokemon Go

On the bản đồ within AnyTo, choose a kém chất lượng location by dragging & zooming the map as the kém chất lượng GPS location.

As you select a destination, it will pop up a sidebar, showing the destination information, including the place name, coordinate, và the distance. You can also enter the place name or coordinate in the Search box lớn select your destination.


Step 3: fake GPS location in Pokemon Go in 1 click

After selecting a destination, simply hit on the Move button. See, your location is changed to lớn the new place! You can kiểm tra the location in Pokemon Go, which is changed to the same new place synchronously.


That"s it! Your character in the game are now able lớn reach any place khổng lồ capture Pokemons. Now see how much rare Pokemons you can capture!

That is how you can nhái GPS location for Pokemon Go with the best location changer - AnyTo. This tool also allows you to lớn make a virtual route (Check the using guide >>) with some specific spots at a customized speed. This is useful for the game!


This does no harm to your device. You can use it to lớn change your location lớn anywhere anytime. It is getting popular among the AR gamers. Interesting, huh? Just tải về it have a try!

Try It FreeTry It Free

Below are 2 nhái GPS apps for Pokemon Go on apk phone.

Tips: Before you go with the app, an important requirement calls for enabling the Developer options. To bởi vì this, open “Settings” in your device. Tap on “System” afterward.

Head to the “About Phone” và go to “Software Info”. You will notice the build number of your device. Tap on it around 7 times và it will enable the Develop options.

No.2: kém chất lượng GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

This is one of the well-known apps that can help you kém chất lượng GPS on Pokemon Go in all apk versions. Using this app, you can easily deceive any of the location-based apps. Here is the whole process lớn get the task done with this app.

Step 1: On your game android device, launch Pokemon Go firstly. Now, look for the location that you want to spoof and catch Pokemons.


Step 2: Now, head lớn the Google Play Store and look for FakeGPS không lấy phí app. Go for the installation and upon successful installation, launch the app.

The app will ask you khổng lồ “ENABLE MOCK LOCATIONS”. Tap on it & the Developer options screen will come up.

Step 3: Here, you need khổng lồ tap on the “Select Mock Location App”. From the options, select FakeGPS không lấy phí i.e. The phầm mềm you have just installed.

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Step 4: Upon this, open the giả GPS ứng dụng once again and look up lớn the destination you want to lớn go for & spoof it khổng lồ the nearby Pokemon location. Hit on the Play button and you are good khổng lồ go!


Step 5: Launch Pokemon Go now & voila! You have successfully faked GPS on Pokemon Go. You can now capture the Pokemon & have fun!


Note: When you do this, the trò chơi may warn you not to lớn trespass gameplay. Thus, confirm the action to proceed or hit on “I’m a passenger!”

No.3: VPNa – kém chất lượng GPS Location Free

Here is the other ứng dụng that can help you spoof your location with ease. There is no rooting required và you can save the locations for using them later again. Here is how to fake GPS on Pokemon Go using VPNa.

Step 1: mở cửa Pokemon Go khổng lồ start with. Look for the location you want khổng lồ spoof. Install VPNa app from the Google Play Store and mở cửa it.

Step 2: Assuming you have Developer options turned on, tap on “ENABLE MOCK LOCATIONS” on the app. Under the “Developer Options”, choose “Select Mock location App”. Choose “VPNa” from the options now.


Step 3: Go to the VPNa tiện ích again và then look for the location you want. Confirm the changing of location and hit on the power button. You are done now.


Step 4: mở cửa Pokemon Go again và that’s it! The location will be spoofed. You can now interact with your Pokespot and enjoy it!


Why People lượt thích to giả GPS of Pokemon Go

Now that you have known how to nhái GPS on Pokemon Go, in this part we are going khổng lồ disscus how exactly it can benefit us và why we like to bởi that.

We are pretty aware that Pokemon Go is a trò chơi intended lớn play outside. However, if you are a lazy fellow & don’t want to lớn move everywhere, faking GPS can be helpful for you. Spoofing is actually bliss to lớn all the lazy players out there who don’t wish to lớn make effort while playing the game. After all, faking GPS can imply moving without actually moving!Next concern is safety. There are kids who are crazy about the game. As parents, a lot of the object their kids every time moving across the nearest locations. They might not allow their kids for the reason that a lot of distraction through roaming can cause harm. Therefore, spoofing or faking GPS in Pokemon Go can be advantageous in such case.Another benefit you get by faking GPS in Pokemon Go is you can access the location for capturing Pokemon that you can never in other ways. Needless khổng lồ say, if you live highly populated area or the area that is jammed, you can have trouble playing the game và hence faking location can come in handy.Lastly, by spoofing GPS, you can easily visit different gyms và make gym-battling experience better. By doing this, the phầm mềm will consider you being somewhere else thereby unlocking Pokemon for you. & you can collect them without actually having lớn move.


The Risk of Faking GPS of Pokemon Go

Faking GPS on Pokemon Go is certainly beneficial & can be fun. It is not không tính tiền from risk though! & making you aware of half-truth is not what we aim for. So here, we will inform you about the risks involved with such thing so that pleasure you are getting won’t shatter all of a sudden due to lớn no knowledge. Here we go!

It should be noted that to lớn spoof a location while playing Pokemon Go is against the policy of the game. Và therefore, doing so carries your own risk. Initially, spoofing GPS for the good was not difficult but as the developers of Niantic perceived the misemployment of the app as well as the exploitation of the features of Android, they have made strict actions. There is a three-strike policy connected with faking GPS on Pokemon Go that might be implemented on you if you are not so lucky. It goes lượt thích this.

On detecting that you are taking the assistance of a spoofer ứng dụng in Android, the company will issue the first strike which is ‘Shadow ban”. According to lớn this, you will only be able lớn find common Pokemon for the next 7 days. The rare ones will not be encountered by you.On issuing the second strike by Pokemon Go which can also be said as “temp ban”, your account will be suspended for the next 30 days nearly. Once this period is over, the trương mục can be restored but during the period, you can’t login.When the company realizes the continuity of the spoofing, the third strike will be applied & this time, it is the last strike. With this, your trương mục will be banned permanently and you will not be able to lớn play the game.


Other Tricks to lớn Cheat Pokemon Go


Botting can be considered synonymous khổng lồ spoofing, it is automated though. In other words, it is basically automatic spoofing. With the bot accounts, you get lớn roam around the map and choose the rarest and high-level Pokemon available. However, on the serious note, as spoofing using this cheat also has chance of your trương mục being banned. Hence, make a spare account & cheat on your own risk!


This implies having multiple accounts và playing with them simultaneously. You can take down gyms and fill them up using the accounts of family & friends.

3.Auto IV Checkers

IV refers to Individual values that define the combat nguồn of Pokemon characters. The only way to check IV of Pokemon is to lớn have a third-party installed. However, Niantic is now keeping an eye over any installed ứng dụng in your device to kiểm tra IV. Therefore, you can rely on appraisal system in the game to get the exact value of the Pokemon.

Hot FAQs You Should Know about Pokemon GO

1 Can You Get Banned for Having Multiple Pokemon GO Accounts?

Owning multiple Pokemon GO accounts for the same Service violate Niantic Terms of Service & they hold the right khổng lồ ban any accounts. So, it is not recommended lớn have multiple accounts in Pokemon GO.

2 Can You Transfer Your Pokemon GO Account?

Yes you can. You are allowed to lớn change your account to a different e-mail address.

Learn More: How to lớn switch your Pokemon GO trương mục to a different email address.

3 What Happens If You Get Caught in Spoofing Pokemon GO?

For the first time, you will get a warning message within the tiện ích informing you that cheating has detected on your account, và your account will be banned for 7 days, after these days, your trương mục will be fully restored.

For the second time, you will thua thảm access lớn your account for 30 days and your trương mục will be restored after this period.

If you still continue khổng lồ cheat after received the first & second warnings, your trương mục will be banned permanently by Niantic.