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FIFA 16 is a game bursting with content, but for many players, it"s all about Ultimate Team Mode. If you"re unfamiliar with "FUT", this is a game mode where players must khung teams with the cards they randomly get from digital booster packs. With the teams you assemble, you can participate in several tournaments & even a championship, all so you can gain more gold coins & continue to lớn build your dream team. Anyone who wants lớn tốc độ up this process can buy boosters with real money, but that"s not a requirement.

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Over the last month we"ve sầu extensively covered FIFA 16. In addition to lớn a reviews, we explored Career Mode, published our take on FIFA Sliders lớn offer a cài đặt that we think improves gameplay, and shared some useful general tips. To finish things off we decided khổng lồ focus on the most popular mode, Ultimate Team Mode. This guide offers some basic advice lớn newcomers, some tips on how lớn make more gold coins, & offers a look at the big new feature, FUT Draft.


You don"t have lớn play online.FIFA Ultimate Team Mode requires a constant internet connection, but you aren"t forced khổng lồ play against other players if you don"t want lớn. There are several types of tournaments that put you up against AI, plus a league with several difficulty levels. Playing offline is a great way to make money with relative sầu ease, allowing you khổng lồ build a stronger team before challenging other players.

Team chemistry is essentialOne of the most important factors to consider in Ultimate Team Mode is team chemistry, which is defined by several different factors. While it"s always good khổng lồ have the best players in your team, the overall chemistry should come first, or you will have sầu a hard time on the pitch. Whenever in doubt between a better player, or a lesser player with better team chemistry, opt for the second option. You won"t regret it.

Download the official AppEA Sports has released an official FIFA 16 app for thiết bị di động devices, dedicated entirely to lớn Ultimate Team Mode. This tiện ích allows you to check và organise your team, but more importantly, to lớn view & interact with the auction house. It"s a great way to always be aware of what is happening in the online FUT market, & to make some potentially excellent giao dịch. The tiện ích is available via Google Play và iTunes.

Try before you buyIf you choose the "Concept Squad" option, you can set your team with any player, formation and coach in the game. This allows you to lớn evaluate the type of team chemistry you can get in different combinations. The game even offers some examples, lượt thích with a team made up of players from the Spanish & English leagues. Obviously you can"t use these players, but this is an effective sầu method to lớn try và plan out your targets before you spend any of your hard earned money.

Squad management.There are three conditions that affect the availability of your players - contracts, fatigue và injuries. When a contract ends, you have lớn renew its duration with specific cards (combine categories of contracts with the same category of players for the best result). With regards to fatigue, there are also special cards that renew the energy, but another alternative sầu is khổng lồ put them in the ngân hàng for the next games. Finally, injuries. Typically, these players are left out for the duration of the injury, but you can also find cards lớn solve several physical problems. If you are in urgent need of one of thes cards, you can also get them via auction.

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Use your points in the catalogA very basic way lớn earn gold coins is by using your FIFA points in the the main thực đơn catalog, accessed by pressing R3 (PS4). Whenever you complete several actions, even in Career Mode, you will receive points that you can spkết thúc on a number of items such as equipment, cheats, balls and ways khổng lồ increase the number of coins won in every FIFA Ultimate Team game. These points are accumulated from previous FIFA titles when using the same account, so don"t let them go to lớn waste.

Beat the Team of the Week.Every week, EA proposes a challenge to the players, a chance to lớn overcome a team formed by players who have sầu excelled in European fixtures on that previous weekkết thúc. This challenge will always be played against artificial intelligence, and the higher the difficulty level chosen, the more coins you will receive if you win. There is no need to lớn be too greedy though, because it is quite difficult to conquer the highest cấp độ of difficulty.

Buy & sell effectively.Ultimate Team Mode comes to lớn life with the economy created in the auction, so you need khổng lồ know how to lớn exploit it properly. Take your time to tìm kiếm the market for the best prices, and don"t fall inlớn the mistake of buying expensive sầu just because one of your targets is available. Reversing the role, before you set a card on sale, make sure to lớn check its value on the market. If all players are selling Mesmê mệt for 100,000 gold coins, for example, it would be a huge mistake lớn put him on sale for much less.

Enjoy temporary tournament challenges.In addition lớn the proposed standard of both solo & online, EA Sports also usually offers several special tournaments that last for a specific amount of time. These tournaments often impose special conditions (such as playing with 11 players of the same nationality, for example), but they are a good way to gain gold coins or extra packs.


OverviewThe big new feature in FIFA 16"s Ultimate Team Mode is the introduction of FUT Draft, a mode that allows you to lớn create a team with random golden players. This team will then be used in a specific tournament, where you can earn great rewards. First choose the formation, then select the players for each position. The challenge here is khổng lồ create a unique squad, without breaking the team"s chemistry. It"s important lớn keep the team full of great players, but even more important khổng lồ ensure superior chemistry.

Price vs RewardTo participate in FUT Draft, you have khổng lồ spover 15,000 gold coins, or a couple of quid, which means that they must ensure the highest possible return for your investment. The big draw of FUT Draft are the rewards you can unloông chồng, including several gold packs. You can try your luông xã in online mode, or face the AI across different levels of difficulty. The rewards are linked khổng lồ wins; the more you win, the more you get.

Take care in the creation of the teamWhen you are forming your FUT Draft team, you must quickly phối a game plan to create chemistry, be it around nationality, leagues or clubs. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to allow an automatic selection of substitutes. Make sure you select everyone manually, since sub players can prove sầu to be more effective sầu than the starting 11. As for the manager, choose one that is compatible with the majority of players.

As a last piece of advice lớn FIFA Ultimate Team Mode fans, we ask you khổng lồ restrain from going inlớn "rage mode". We underst& that sometimes it can be an extremely frustrating experience, but for the sake of your health, your controller, and even future coins (you will be penalised for leaving games), take a deep breath & try to relax. Other than that, all that remains is to lớn wish you good luck!

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