Neighbours from hell: season 2

Neighbours from Hell: Season 2 is the sequel lớn this fun puzzle game.

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Here you get khổng lồ play Woody once again, a regular guy with a neighbor named Mr. Rottweiler who makes his life difficult. Your objective is to play all sorts of jokes on your neighbor while you"re on vacation. The gameplay in Neighbours from Hell: Season 2 is exactly the same as in the first You just have to lớn tap the on the that you want to interact with. If you touch a closet, for example, you can hide inside it.

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Và if you cảm ứng any other object that can be picked up, you"ll địa chỉ cửa hàng it to your, which is located in the lower part of the To lớn use one of your objects, you just have lớn touch it first and cảm ứng an in the setting. Your objective in each one of the levels in Neighbours from Hell: Season 2 is khổng lồ get all the coins possible. For each joke you manage to lớn successfully pull off, you"ll be rewarded with one coin. You"ll have to try lớn play as many jokes as you can, using the you find in the setting & combining them together. Neighbours from Hell: Season 2 is an incredibly puzzle trò chơi that offers an original gameplay, a wacky storyline, and unique-looking graphics. In this case, the settings are much more varied, since you get to lớn visit places around the world, while your neighbors are on vacation.

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