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After a continuous playing of eight seasons, the fantasy TV series "Game of Thrones" concluded on May 19, 2019. The HBO series "Game of Thrones" has become a cultural phenomenon since its premiere on April 17, 2011. Based on the epic series of fantasy novels "A tuy nhiên of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin, this series have helped khổng lồ bring the fantasy genre into the mainstream.

The fantasy drama "Game of Thrones" has a broad, active và international tín đồ base with the story with ups and downs. So has its main theme song. By now, you have probably heard all game of Thrones theme song. Composed by musical genius Ramin Djawadi, the music for the fantasy TV series is created to support musically the characters and plots of the show.

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In every season, a soundtrack album was released which features various themes. The music for the show has won a number of awards, including Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition. Let"s have a look back through the years of wonderful music and download original theme songs from game of Thrones although we have to lớn say goodbye to the series.

Enjoy game of Thrones Soundtrack on Spotify

Here is a các mục of the đứng đầu twenty best tracks from game of Thrones:

01. Light of the Seven 02. Main Titles03. Blood of My Blood04. A Lannister Always Pays His Debts05. Hear Me Roar06. Truth07. The Winds of Winter08. Trust Each Other09. Chaos is A Ladder10. Dragonstone
11. The King"s Arrival12. The Children13. Mother of Dragons14. Coronation15. Mhysa16. Dance of Dragons17. Hold the Door18. Winter is Here19. The North Remember 20. The Army of the Dead

How to Get game of Thrones Theme tuy nhiên Download

When you are in the environment with Wi-Fi, you could enjoy the above tracks freely. However, you cannot play those songs any more at some place where there is no Wi-Fi. If you have subscribed to lớn premium on Spotify, you could download them in advance before going out. Neither can those không tính phí users on Spotify.

At this time, Spotify music downloader may give a hand. Spotify Music Converter is a versatile music downloader for Spotify subscribers which specialize in downloading all songs, playlists, albums và artists from Spotify music to lớn MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A and M4B losslessly. Through that tool, you can enjoy Spotify music offline on any player.


Tutorial: how to download the original theme tuy vậy from game of Thrones

Simply follow the listed steps to download your playlist of game of Thrones.

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Step 1Drag the "Game of Thrones" playlist khổng lồ Spotify Music Converter


After opening Spotify Music Converter on your computer, it will launch Spotify tiện ích automatically. Then find the playlist you have saved in advance on Spotify và drag the playlist khổng lồ interface. Or you can simply copy playlist liên kết on Spotify & paste it lớn the search box of main screen.

Step 2Customize the output format and music preferences


When the original theme tuy vậy from "Game of Thrones" is loaded successfully into Spotify Music Converter, you can simply click the thực đơn bar và select Preferences. Then you could select the output format for the Spotify music. Currently the tool supports MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV and FLAC. Besides, you can adjust the audio channel, bit rate, sample rate & others to customize all music as you like.

Step 3Start to tải về the playlists according khổng lồ your demand


Once the settings are mix according to lớn your own needs, you can begin to download all songs in the playlist lớn MP3 or other formats by clicking the "Convert" button at the bottom right. After all songs are downloaded, you should click the history folder to check all your songs. Now you could transfer them to any other device for offline listening.

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Useful Tips: tải về Game of Thrones Songs from All Music Services

Although Spotify attracts most of users on the music streaming market, táo music also take a leadership position. For Spotify users, Spotify Music Converter can give a hand with things like downloading music from Spotify. Otherwise, táo bị cắn music subscribers can install DRM Audio Converter for converting their purchased songs to common formats và sharing the converted songs with their family and friends. People who are using other music services could use TunesKit Audio Capture to record the tracks as MP3 or other file formats losslessly.

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