Who Wants To Be A Millionaire On Steam


Welcome lớn the không tính tiền online version of the award-winning game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.The show has aired for nearly two decades and produced an impressive các mục of instant-millionaires. & now the không lấy phí online version offers everyone the same chance to lớn succeed in turning knowledge into real wealth.

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The game is open to anyone willing to lớn put their knowledge to the thử nghiệm in a series of questions & answers. Just keep your wits about you, have fun, và get rich! So if you’re in the mood to lớn make a quick million dollars for yourself, this is your chance.

The trò chơi consists of 15 questions. The màn chơi of difficulty increases with each question, & so does your potential wealth. For example, if you answer the first mix of questions correctly your prize money goes from $100 to $1000. As you work your way through the questions by supplying the correct answers your riches grow exponentially until you reach the final question - & if you answer it correctly you will succeed in making a million dollars!

Keep in mind that your intellect & knowledge are the keys lớn success. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then go ahead và play! Put all those random facts you’ve collected over the years lớn good use and turn it into a quick and easy million dollars.

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Welcome lớn the free online version of cuộc chơi Who Wants lớn Be a Millionaire?

Welcome! You have reached the free online trò chơi based on the famous TV show Who Wants lớn Be a Millionaire?. We have developed the online game to be very similar to lớn the original TV show. Players have the opportunity to lớn make easy money if they correctly answer some (not always easy) questions.

To stand the chance of getting rich with this online version of the show that creates instant-millionaires, we recommend that you carefully read the rules of the game. In order khổng lồ succeed và reach the ultimate 15th question, you’ll need a clear understanding of how the game works. You’ll note that we also give away some fantastic consolation prizes on a weekly basis. So even if you don’t make it all the way khổng lồ your first million, you’ll still have a lot of fun and be rewarded.

Note that you don’t need to download this game – it can be played online on your favourite device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) at any time, miễn phí of charge. Playing online also offers contestants instant access to:

We invite you lớn join us và play Who Wants khổng lồ Be a Millionaire?online. You’ll get bonuses for inviting friends và don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter in the ‘Contacts’ section. It’s a fantastic way to lớn build your general knowledge and, if you’re successful, make an easy million dollars!

The knowledge-based trò chơi «Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?» is now available online. The trò chơi is aimed at knowledge enthusiasts who love an intellectual challenge. We invite you khổng lồ play and earn your first million dollars with the power of your mind!

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