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GTA RP is one of the most fun ways of enjoying GTA 5 after players complete all the Story Missions & as an alternative lớn GTA Online.

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The GTA Roleplay community has been blooming for a while now. Lots of servers are popping up with their own take on how the game can be played. The concept of GTA roleplay turned the players’ usual approach lớn the trò chơi on its head.

First & Foremost: What Is GTA RP?

GTA RP is a multiplayer modification for Grand Theft tự động 5 on PC.

Players join a server and interact with other players in the realistic GTA 5 world. In GTA Roleplay, users can create and customize their own characters. Thus, you can roleplay as any NPC - even a cop or a shop clerk.

The most important concept of GTA RP is to lớn follow the rules of the vps you play on.

How to lớn Play GTA RP?

In order to begin your GTA Roleplay experience, download either the FiveM or the Rage MP client.

The GTA 5 Roleplay servers are accessed through one or the other, depending on the server.

Then, all you need to bởi vì is choose the hệ thống (see our danh sách of the best GTA RP servers below), & get acquainted with its rules.

Best GTA RP Servers for GTA Roleplay

We have picked out several best GTA RP servers for you to try out và see what kind of an approach would make GTA 5 more fun.

We’ve also included information on how to lớn join each of them. Some GTA 5 RP servers on this các mục come from the FiveM client và others can be accessed through the Rage MP client.

#1 - NoPixel GTA RP


Probably the most sought-after GTA 5 roleplay hệ thống on FiveM, due khổng lồ the constant presence of popular streamers on it. Many GTA RP clips you see online are from NoPixel GTA RP.

Still, in our opinion, the NoPixel GTA RP vps has 3 main downsides:

First - due khổng lồ its high demand, it is very difficult lớn get in, making the waiting time khổng lồ get accepted ridiculously long.

Second - you have to donate a certain amount of money just in order lớn be considered for whitelisting, as non-donating applications are closed most of the time.

Lastly - NoPixel only hosts up khổng lồ 32 players, so if you’re looking for a larger number of people khổng lồ spend time with, this hệ thống might not be for you.

How to lớn Join NoPixel:

You will need khổng lồ donate to the vps in order lớn get your application considered for whitelisting (non-donating is currently closed). Here’s how to vì chưng that:

Once you have logged in, go và connect your Discord tài khoản to your Nopixel account.Then visit the Forums page, where you can read the rules as well as find the civilian application template và make a donation. Fill out their questionnaire, submit your answers và wait for a response (either by site or email).

In case you get rejected, you’ll be able khổng lồ reapply up lớn 5 times if you fail.

#2 - Eclipse RP


Eclipse RP is one of the most popular GTA 5 RP servers out there. It can be accessed through the Rage MP client.

While often hosting about 200 players at a time, the player count can reach up lớn 300 and over during the weekends.

It’s an action-based GTA Roleplay server, with lots of gangs & opposing factions to lớn join. Since it’s a very popular server, the waiting time to get in can be quite long.

How to Join Eclipse GTA RP:

Visit the Eclipse forums & get acquainted with the server rules. Make sure khổng lồ read them carefully, since you will be required khổng lồ fill out a questionnaire in order to lớn get in.

There’s also a dedicated government website where you can apply for a weapons license or lớn be a cop, see any updates regarding laws, etc. Also, much lượt thích other GTA 5 RP servers, you will have to join their Discord.

#3 - Mafia City


Mafia đô thị is another Rage MP server.

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It made it to this danh mục due to its useful “learning curve” with a long danh sách of strict rules that all players have lớn follow. Breaking these rules has immediate consequences, so learning to play properly on Mafia city will prepare anyone fairly well for any other vps out there.

Its chơi game is mainly focused on business và running corporations. It’s market-oriented and focused on player interactions, as opposed to lớn NPCs. Though smaller than Eclipse, it’s a heavier GTA Roleplay experience.

How lớn Join Mafia thành phố RP:

Apart from visiting their website, in the Rage MP client, you can go to lớn the Direct Connect page, & put in the server’s current IP address:

This address might change over time. Just try searching for servers based on the highest player count, & Mafia đô thị should be among the đứng top servers.

#4 - GTA World


GTA World is a popular, text-based (no voice chat) GTA RP vps with a huge community and lots of activities on a weekly level.

Its player count can reach up to lớn about 500 at a time và is generally friendly towards newer RP players.

How khổng lồ Join GTA World:

Go to GTA World’s website and sign up for an account.

After creating your account, go through the rules và write your character’s general background.

When you’re done with that, you will be forwarded to lớn a page where you can submit everything, và wait for a response. Don’t forget khổng lồ join their Discord for announcements!

#5 - MapleHearts (by FuriousFade)

While the list wouldn’t be complete without naming the biggest GTA 5 Roleplay servers out there, we’ve saved the last spot for a new và interesting contender.

YouTuber FuriousFade has spent several months with his team, creating what they claim lớn be GTA 6 basically, using the FiveM client.

FuriousFade went all-out và invested around $8,000 into this server. The money went into building custom cars, clothing, scripts, buildings - you name it. So, let’s take a look at some of the features that this GTA RP hệ thống has to lớn offer.

Real-world billboards & commercials, as well as images of popular artists, can be seen on buildings:


There is a custom Tesla customization thực đơn where players can mix things like the colors of LED lights and suspension height.


There are even modern rear cameras installed.

The best part is - even though thousands of dollars have been invested in making this GTA 5 roleplay vps - it is absolutely không lấy phí to join and play! There are no monetary transactions whatsoever.

That being said, all you have to vì chưng is go through an interview over on their Discord in order to lớn get accepted.

How to lớn Join MapleHearts:

Visit the MapleHearts Discord community, where you can read the rules and apply lớn join their GTA RP server.

The Popularity of FiveM, a Multiplayer GTA 5 RP Modification

Two servers on our các mục (NoPixel & MapleHearts) are both accessed through the FiveM client, as opposed to Rage MP.

The popularity of FiveM has been taking the internet by storm, registering more than 250,000 concurrent players over the weekend back in April this year. Khổng lồ give this some perspective, the official GTA Online client peaked at around 124,000 players at the time, meaning that the modded version had more than double the number of players that the official version did at its peak!

While it should be noted that the statistics in question (SteamDB) bởi vì not take into trương mục players who used the Epic Games Store client, these numbers are still very impressive.

The RP community is still well on the rise, và we can only assume khổng lồ what extent this will affect Rockstar’s future releases.

GTA 5 Roleplay: FAQ

Is GTA Roleplay free?

A: Yes, GTA Roleplay is không tính phí as long as you own the GTA V PC version, for the most part. There are some GTA 5 RP servers that require donations in order lớn join, but there are plenty of servers where joining và playing are completely free.

What is Fail RP in GTA RP?

A: Fail RP refers to players (most often newbies) breaking the immersion of roleplaying, by performing an action that doesn’t make sense. For example, driving very recklessly for no reason, punching a random person on the street if our character has no real reason to vì so, using information that our character wouldn’t be able khổng lồ know in order khổng lồ gain benefits, etc.

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