I picked up the Nudes L.A. Girl Beauty Briông chồng Eyeshadow Collection recently at Harmons. This is a $7 buck eyeshadow palette that includes 12 shades of nude eyeshadow (or colored since the palette is offered in neons, smoky, and purple shade selection).

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Like everyone else, I thought this was an appealing palette because it reminded me so much of the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette. After reading so many raving Review on this palette, many of which recommended it as a cheaper, Naked dupe, I decided I really needed to check it out for myself.


It’s not a Naked dupe.

I’m possibly one of the very few people that thinks this palette sucks. I’m sorry in advance for that but this is horrible.

The presentation is quite lovely for a six dollar palette. The palette comes in a thin cardboard casing with a clear window & a magnetic closure. It’s simple yet pretty và not at all cheap looking. Inside is a gorgeous selection of nude, natural shades that have sầu a good khuyến mãi of rose gold shades so it might remind you more of Urban Decay Naked 3. At first sight I fell instantly in love sầu with the shade selection and thought it was a gorgeous assortment of colors. Also included with the palette is a double-ended applicator with an eyeshadow sponge on one end & smaller brush on the other.

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As I said the assortment of shades is quite gorgeous. It does have that Urban Decay look but the formula is nothing lượt thích Urban Decay.

The eyeshadows are an assortment of matte and shimmer finishes neither of which was terribly impressive sầu. The shimmers are chunky, flakier, and have sầu considerably fall out. These apply quite patchy on my lids. They aren’t dry but they are difficult lớn get smooth and blended out easily. The mattes aren’t dense but they are drier which also results in patchier application. The shades all just look rather old & worn on my eyelids. Although intense & pigmented when swatched I find the colors are faded & not as vibrant on my lids. Fall out is an issue with the shimmer shades as they tkết thúc to leave little chunky flakes on my upper cheeks during application. The palette does have an odd chemical smell.






I don’t think the L.A. Girl Beauty Briông chồng Eyeshadow Collection really offers much in the way of a good formula. If you’re really strapped for cash và you want a budget pichồng this isn’t one I’d recommkết thúc. You’re better off spending that money on the new Covergirl TruNaked Eyeshadow Palettes which don’t have as many colors but vì chưng have sầu a considerably better formula. I just can’t get on board with all the ravings this palette receives, it’s a bust for me.


Own it?

Do cốt truyện your thoughts on it!

Available now a drugstore.com.

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