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We all know that one friover that has skin so good it deserves a round of applause & also inspires a tinge of good-natured envy—like my mom, for example. She's that frikết thúc. And while we all have sầu different opinions & preferences on what we lượt thích, it often seems that these women's complexions are usually characterized by a dewy glow that looks sent from the heavens above, even when they're fresh from a workout or just rolled out of bed. Like, the kind that catches the sunlight và bounces off pure radiance. 

Apparently, this glowy dewiness isn't always as natural as we suppose, because when I started seeing the same little-known drugstore cream associated with photos of girls possessing seemingly perfect skin, it started making a lot more sense. You can, in fact, fake a sun-kissed, shimmery, lit-from-within polish without diving deep inlớn the makeup bag. All it takes is some strategic skin-care layering. 

The sản phẩm that countless beauty girls swear by for snatching a dewy sheen that has nothing to lớn vì with genetics or sorcery? La Roche-Posay's Cicaplast Baume B5. It's no secret that La Roche-Posay is known for having some of the highest-quality skin care you can buy at the drugstore, but this one really stands apart from the already-impressive sầu offering. Originally made lớn soothe và heal very dry skin, this balm also happens lớn act lượt thích a direct hit of sunshine that makes your skin look brighter, smoother, & healthier. The non-oily, hydrating cream is similar lớn but not quite as thiông xã as the classic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. However, it doesn't leave skin feeling greasy or clog pores like some other skin balms.

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When placed on your high points lượt thích cheekbones, brow bones, và temples or any dry spots if you have sầu dry or combination skin, it works serious magic. Shoppers go as far khổng lồ say that they apply a thick layer once a week as an overnight mask to lớn boost hydration, but the most common use is lớn layer over your everyday moisturizer on just certain areas that need extra love. (For me, that's around the eyes & the perimeter of my face.) And just wait—it gets better. Apply right before using your under-eye concealer, blush, or highlighter, & you'll forget dullness ever existed. After doing so, go outside & take a selfie. You'll see. 

Before you know it, you're going khổng lồ be that frikết thúc. Shop the cult-favorite hydrating balm below, along with two other La Roche-Posay must-haves for great skin. 



You can also use this multi-purpose repairing balm on dry hands, cuticles, and any other parched spots. It"s fortified with both shea butter and glycerin. (It"s selling out quick, so snag one fast.)