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Finding a moisturizer that is suitable for my skin is the most important skincare vật phẩm for me. If I could piông xã only one beauty product to lớn take on a desert isl&, this would be it. Let me introduce this fabulous little hàng hóa khổng lồ all those who suffer from sensitive sầu, dry skin. Readers, meet La Roche- Posay Ribít Moisturiser cream for sensitive sầu skin.

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I decided lớn change up my skin routine for winter. I bởi not like to make a habit out of it, but I recognise that my skin is more "needy" in the colder months. Usually, I opt for my Liz Earle & Nivea moisturisers và I am still a massive fan. However, I needed something a little stronger but also keeping it within my budgets.

The product claims "Daily care lớn hydrate, comfort & reduce skin sensitivity. Rich texture enriched with Shea Butter. Designed for skin prone to dryness. Also contains Hydrolipids & La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water."

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La Roche- Posay has ticked all the boxes for me. The consistency is very thiông chồng but non greasy. It leaves my skin feeling very supple & hydrated. There is nothing in this that would irritate your skin. No scent! If I vì chưng suffer any breakouts or spots - it has been rather soothing. This cream also comes in a lighter version which may be suitable for combination/ oily skin. It has not clogged my pores. This moisturizer also makes a great base for wearing make up và helps your foundation just a little longer.

The packaging is simple và clean. The product comes out by gently squeezing the tube. The only negative I (and this is clutching at straws) is that towards the end of using this product it gets awkward to squeeze out the last 01/05 of the cream due to lớn the bulky cap where it is dispensed. Easily solution to lớn this - cut the top on the tube of và reach your finger to lớn grab every last drop.Hand on heart moment - I would absolutely recommover this to lớn people who are wanting something less aggressive. People with dry, sensitive sầu skin or dry combination skin would benefit. It"s great to lớn use if you get that awful tights feeling after cleansing your face. I"ve read reviews from others that say it also help lớn clear up episodes ofeczema.This is widely available at most Boots drugs stores for £14.50/ 40ml. Worth every penny. This tube lasted me 4-5 months during winter. I amdefinitelyre-purchasing this. For more hàng hóa informationyou can visit their website directly: La Robít - PosayPreviously, I have sầu used other products from the La-Rođậy posay range including the La Robít Posay Effaclar Duo

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