Laneige white plus renew night cream


I don’t usually use whitening products but once or twice in a year I vày, especially when I’ve had a touch of sun or when I feel my skintone is looking too uneven for its own good. Usually its the former reason. This year, my whitening regime consists of a day cream and a night cream, but both from different brands.

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In the night, I’m using the Clarins White Plus HPhường. Night Cream (Review to lớn come later today) và in the day, I’m using this one – Laneige White Plus Renew Daily Protection Cream SPF36 PA++


I’m not too familiar with Laneige as a brand, and my previous trials of Laneige products didn’t quite wow me. I’m not all WOW now either, but I must say I quite like this particular cream. For those of you who aren’t into using sunscreen, this would be a winner in your books because of the high sunscreen protection included
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