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McAfee is a familiar name in the antivi khuẩn community, but it’s mostly known for being a mid-range, average antivirut. Over the last couple of years, however, the company separated from Hãng Intel, redesigned its interface, and has become one of the best antiviruses out there, on par with other industry giants like Norton & Kaspersky.

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I’ve spent many hours testing the lachạy thử version of McAfee Total Protection.Initially, I was drawn to the sleek interface & the additional features lượt thích Web Boost and the safe browsing extension, WebAdvisor. After trying out all of Total Protection’s security and performance features, my overall conclusion is that:

McAfee is good, but it’s not perfect.

It’s packed with many security features and extra add-ons. It’s effective at blocking most zero-day attacksvà widespread malware. Plus, purchasing the 10 device Householdplan (called Family plan in the US) is a great value for the price. But the user-friendliness definitely needs a tune-up, và I think that the WebAdvisor tool và the performance boost features were pretty underwhelming.

McAfee Total Protection is inexpensive, covers multiple devices, và comes with all the necessary features of an antivirus — like real-time protection & a secure firewall. It even comes with a few extras — like a performance optimizer, a VPN, & a password manager. And allTotal Protection plans come with a 30-day money-baông xã guarantee.

Overall Rank#5 out of 62 antiviruses
VPNYes (with unlimited data)
Free PlanNo
PricingStarting at /year
Money-Baông xã Guarantee30 days
Operating SystemsWindows, Android, Mac, iOS

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McAfee Full Review


McAfee is a premium anti-malware suite with a wide range of security features.

In addition khổng lồ having one of the best vi khuẩn scanners on the market, McAfee also has top-notch website protections, system tune-up tools, parental controls, and identity theft protections.

McAfee is also very reliable, easy lớn use, and affordable — its 2-year subscription plans are among muốn the cheapest around, và it offers a risk-không tính tiền 30-day money-baông xã guarantee on all plans.

McAfee Security Features

McAfee Total Protectionprotects against viruses, malware, spyware, & ransomware attacks,and it also keeps you safe fromsuspicious or vulnerable websites.

Against zero-day malware attacks, Total Protection was 99% successful at detecting and preventing attacks. This is on par with other top-notch brands like Avast & Bitdefender. When I tested Total Protectionagainst a sample phối of other kinds of malware, it scored a perfect 100%.

And while McAfee’s scores are much better now than in previous years,Norton 360still scores better overall.

Still, Total Protectiongives users a wide range of features, from safe browsing lớn permanent tệp tin deletion & more, including:

PC performance optimization.Encrypted storage (128-bit encryption).Home Network Security (firewall).Password manager.Multi-device compatibility.

Many of these features, like the password manager, safe browsing extension, & PC performance optimization, aren’t that special. You can find these same features in most other antivirus software like TotalAV.

But if you’re looking for a well-rounded antivirus at an affordable price— cheaper than a lot of premium antiviruses like BullGuardvà AVG — McAfee is a solid choice.

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Virus Scan

McAfee Total Protectionoffers two types of vi khuẩn scans:

Quiông chồng ScanFull Scan

Running the Quick Scanon my old computer took đôi mươi minutes and scanned through over 12,000 of my files. Honestly, 20 minutes is quite long for a “quichồng scan”.I tried it with my newer computer, và a little under 6,000 files were scanned in 5 mins. That’s a much better result, albeit with half of the files.


Like the Quichồng Scan, I ran the Full Scan on two separate computers. My old computer took almost trăng tròn hours khổng lồ scan through, which is a really long time.But my new computer’s Full Scan took only one hour. While that’s a much more reasonable amount of time, that’s still longer than some other antivirut scanners like Bitdefendervà Avira.


Something I quickly learned while using McAfee —it provides all the useful information in pop-ups.For instance, if you want lớn know which files are being scanned or see which files were flagged as suspicious, you’ll get all that information in a pop-up. This isn’t a huge problem, but I did find it a little annoying.

You can also see a little information in the small notifications window in theMcAfee dashboard. I’d personally rather have this information displayed in the dashboard rather than in pop-ups or tiny boxes, but it’s not a major problem.


Once your scan is complete, you can see how many files were scanned, any issues found, and what infected files were removed. I wasn’t given the option khổng lồ quarantine or kiểm tra which files were infected— Total Protection simply removed them. If you have no intention to lớn investigate suspicious files, this will be fine for you. But if you want more control, other programs lượt thích Malwarebyteslet you quarantine, delete, or ignore files.

You can also see the full report of your scans via the Security Report feature.

Overall, Quiông xã ScanFull Scanboth work as intended, though I feel lượt thích the scanning engine is pretty slow compared to lớn other antiviruses lượt thích TotalAV and Norton. I’d also personally rather have the details of the scan built into the dashboard while the scan is happening, but again, most people probably won’t care. I’d also lượt thích the choice to lớn quarantine or delete problematic files after the scan, instead of just automatically deleting them. But again, for most people, that’s probably not really a problem.

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Vulnerability Scanner — Keep Programs Updated

Out-of-date software is a major security risk, so the Vulnerability Scanner is a really nice addition to lớn the Total Protection package. It searched for all out-of-date programs và software on my computer. McAfeewill automatically run the Vulnerability Scanner on a specific date or you can create a schedule và choose to run the scan every week, every other week, or monthly.

For me, the Vulnerability Scanner took less than 10 minutes to complete. It showed how many updates were found, followed by a rating of how important it is to lớn keep that program updated.In my case, my Adobe Reader needed a “critical” update because, based on McAfee’s scoring system, the chances of vulnerabilities were rated “high”.


My one problem is that it’s not called “Vulnerability Scanner” in the Total Protectiondashboard. It’s labeled “Update my apps”.It’s not a big giảm giá khuyến mãi, but it can lead khổng lồ confusion. If you’re looking for “Vulnerability Scanner”, you won’t find it.


Overall, it’s a handy little feature.If you ever forget lớn update old apps, the Vulnerability Scanner will find them and keep them updated for you.

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QuickClean — Delete Unnecessary Files

TheQuickClean feature removed all the unwanted cookies and temporary files from my browser.

Before clicking Clean,I chose which system files to kiểm tra or uncheck. This included cookies and files in the browsers I have sầu installed as well as files in my gmail.

While scanning, I was able to“Hide” the scan & have sầu it ask for permission before removing any files. I also had the option to lớn tell it to delete any items immediately, but I didn’t want to lớn bởi vì that.

There isn’t much to lớn say about this tool. It works as intended. In less than a minute, it freed up 4.4 GB from my computer.I did get a nice amount of detail here — McAfee told me where files were removed from, how many were removed, & which files were chosen to not be removed.


Just lượt thích the Vulnerability Scanner, QuickClean can also be pre-scheduled. And again, annoyingly, it’s not labeled “QuickClean” in theTotal Protectiondashboard — it’s under “Remove cookies & trackers”.

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App Boost và McAfee Web Boost — Keep Apps và Browsers Running Fast

In the PC Performance tab,McAfee offers two tools lớn improve computer’s performance:

App BoostMcAfee Web Boost

Once turned on, App Boost identifies apps that may require boostingvà gives it some extra power. It’s supposed lớn help apps load quicker or work faster.

McAfee’s Web Boost will stop auto-playing videos from running in your browser,which can tốc độ up your browsing and save your battery.Obviously, neither of these features improves security, and your mileage will vary depending on how impactful it is on your apps và battery life.

I didn’t notice much of a difference on my computer from the App Boost or Web Boost. For example, despite Firefox getting “99 boosts” over 48 hours, I didn’t notice any significant change in browsing.

Also, theApp Boost feature only works on Windows 10, but as I said, older versions of Windows aren’t missing out on too much.


It doesn’t hurt lớn turn the PC Performance features on (they are off by default) but don’t expect a crazy change in performance.

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Password Manager (True Key)

McAfee haspartnered up with True Keyto give sầu us a password manager with each Total Protectionsubscription. True Key works on PC, Mac, iOS, và Android devices.

To activate your included True Key subscription, go to the My Privacytab và cliông xã on “Manage passwords”.


Then, you’ll be taken to a True Key information page where you can phối up your account and create your Master Password — the password that lets you access your True Key tài khoản.

You can sign in via Master Passwordvà a multi-factor authentication option lượt thích authentication app or fingerprint scanning (on iOS and Android devices only). The True Key browser extension works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, và Internet Explorer.

It comes with several features, including:

Auto-fillPassword generatorDigital WalletSafe Notes

It has multi-device sync, stores your passwords locally, và uses the “strongest encryption available” — which is the standard AES 256-bit encryption. That’s definitely svào và is standard on most password managers including Dashlane, Keeper, và 1Password.

True Key is simple and easy lớn use. You can easily see which site logins you’ve added on the dashboard.


Unlike a lot of password managers,True Key lets you change your Master Password as many times as you want.If you don’t lượt thích your Master Password, you can change it to a new one when you’re logged in.

And you can add another email address và another device to lớn keep your trương mục safe.

One particularly irritating thing about McAfee’s True Key password manager is that it’s limited to lớn 15 logins before you have sầu to pay for an tăng cấp. Even though it’s “included” in the Total Protection plan, you can’t use more than 15 logins. That’s outrageous! Even Dashlane Freegives you 50 logins. And NordPass gives you unlimited logins on its free plan (on only one device). This is a pretty poor offering from McAfee & True Key.


Overall, It’s a simple password manager, và it doesn’t have any particular standout features, but since it’s included with McAfee’s Total Protection subscription, it’s worthwhile to use if you don’t already have a password manager phối up.

But I wouldn’t download the Total Protectionplan just for this. And I certainly don’t want lớn be bullied inlớn paying for a premium True Key trương mục after only 15 logins. If you want an antivirut with a good password manager included, Norton 360gives you a way better deal. But it’s best lớn go with a standalone password manager anyway — lượt thích Dashlane or 1Password.

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McAfee WebAdvisor

The McAfee WebAdvisoris supposed to lớn help you avoid malicious websites & warn you before downloading suspicious attachments.But I had some problems with it. The first problem is that it only works with Windows.

When you’re in the Total Protectiondashboard, you can click on the “Protect me on the web” button.It takes you to lớn a landing page explaining what WebAdvisor is. I’m not sure why it has to lớn take you outof the dashboard just to explain it… but alright.

My real problem is the landingpage. It doesn’t direct you to tải về the WebAdvisor browser extension.The tải về is onyet another completely different page. It’s a frustratingly non-intuitive sầu UX.

You also don’t need a Total Protectionsubscription to lớn use this extension,so while it’s included, anyone can download it.

Once I installed & enabled the extension, I did a quichồng search (for “hair”) khổng lồ see how well the tool worked. I noticed some websites had a green loông xã icon và the “McAfee SECURE” badge next khổng lồ the article title.


Hovering over the badge showed me more information about the link, including what it’s about và how frequently McAfee tests it for suspicious activity.


But, after scrolling a bit more, I realizedno other website had this badge.

I tried another tìm kiếm (for “cat”). The Wikipedia và Petteo website had the McAfee badge, but again, nothing else did. McAfee seems lớn have sầu a limited amount of websites it searches và approves.This doesn’t mean the other liên kết are dangerous, but the fact that McAfee doesn’t have a vast quantity of articles in its vault makes this extension pointless.

I also don’t like how the McAfee WebAdvisor add-on doesn’t explain its criteria for which sites get a badge & which don’t (even when the sites are safe).

All in all, I was disappointed by WebAdvisor. It seems relatively useless, especially since on most search terms, the badge only appears next to around 2 out of the first 15 sites.

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Identity Theft Protection (US Only)

US customers get the added benefit of Identity Theft Protection và dark web monitoring added onlớn their Multi-Device or Family plan.

McAfee’s dark website monitoring looks through the dark web to lớn find if any of your sensitive sầu information has been hacked or leaked. McAfee checks the dark website for:

Email addressesMedical IDsSocial Security NumbersBank accountsPhone numbersCredit/debit cardsDriver’s licensesPassports

I entered my gmail addresses inlớn the Identity Theft Protection portal, và it said that one of my gmail addresses was listed in 4 separate places on the dark web!


Luckily none of that information would cause my accounts to lớn be hacked (there was one temporary password which got leaked), but it’s great khổng lồ know that McAfee can quickly tìm kiếm the dark web for any leaked information.

McAfee will now continually monitor the dark website for any of my information, & if anything comes up, I’ll get an email immediately.

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McAfee Plans & Pricing

McAfee Total Protectionis available on three different plans. They all giới thiệu the same features, such as:

Real-time protectionFirewallFile encryption toolWebAdvisorApp Boost

Youcan installTotal Protectionon PCs, Macs, iOS, & Android devices.The difference between the plans is the number of devices you can install Total Protection on:

For a single device, the Individual price isn’t too bad. It’s comparable to Norton’s most basic 360 planfor the first year, và you get a nice range of features.

When it’s time khổng lồ renew, Total Protection’s“Individual” price jumps up, but I wouldn’t say it’s worth it — the price nearly doubles after the first year. It’s still cheaper than Kaspersky or TotalAV’s renewal plan price,but you vì get a lot less in terms of extra features from McAfee.

However, the Household/Family planis a great valuefor the price — the extra cost is minimal, and it comes with all the same features as the Multi-Device plan.

There isn’t a không tính tiền plan, but there is a 30-day trial.It puts you on the 10 device plan for the month. You don’t need to lớn hvà over your credit thẻ information khổng lồ sign-upeither, which is nice.

This is really the best way to go because you can see if you like the software before you commit. And if you vì chưng like it, you get a month for free!

As for refunds, you can alsorequest a full refund within 30 days of purchasing your subscription, or within 60 days of automatic renewal when you’ve subscribed for a year or more.

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McAfee Ease of Use and Setup

InstallingTotal Protectionwas quick.It took me less than 10 minutes.

Once I had the dashboard up, it was pretty simple khổng lồ use. You can easily poke around và kiểm tra out the many offerings, but finding specific tools is sometimes a bit difficult.

McAfee organizes its information a bit strangely.It doesn’t title everything — the Vulnerability Scanner is called “Update my apps” under the “PC Security” tab. But I did like that once you cliông xã on it, the feature is more thoroughly explained.

It’s a little annoying that the bulk of the information is hidden within the gear ibé on the top right of the dashboard.


Here are all the settings for theFirewall, Scheduled scans, Anti-Spam,và more.I’d recommover going through each of these settings to adjust them.

For instance, I found out that the scheduled scanswere mix khổng lồ start at 4am or 5am — this wouldn’t work for me because my computer is turned off at those times. If I didn’t kiểm tra, I’d assume these scans were going off when they weren’t. I was also never asked lớn approve sầu or change the time of your scheduled scans either, so if I didn’t look for this, I never would have known.

My main complaint is the pop-ups. The majority of McAfee’sdetails are given in pop-ups. For instance, when I use the scan features, I have sầu lớn cliông xã “run”in a pop-up. It’s the same with the Password Manager, the File Shredder, và File Loông chồng khổng lồ loông xã important files.

This is just a personal preference, và I know that some people prefer these pop-ups,but it just doesn’t work for me.

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McAfee mobile App

The Mobile app works on iOS and Android devices.You can download the ứng dụng from the App or Play Store, or connect to it directly through the dashboard on your computer by clicking on Protect more devices.


The best thing about the sản phẩm điện thoại phầm mềm is that it offers real-time protection.And it works pretty well, too. It instantly caught all the malware that I tried to lớn tải về.

You can also scan your phone by pressing the big shield at the top of the screen that says “Scan”. Thischecks to ensure your files, app, and Wi-Fi are secure.You can also clean out your device’s storage, boost memory, & see reports about your scans & data.

The scanning was quiông chồng và easy— it took about a minute to lớn complete, & I could see what files were scanning at the top. I didn’t notice any performance problems while scanning.


Clicking the three lines on the top right corner (the settings) will give you access to more features, like theBattery Booster under “Performance”, “Guest Mode”, và the ability khổng lồ track your data usage.

Similar to Kaspersky’s mobile ứng dụng, the Anti-Theft feature allows you lớn remotely lochồng & wipe your data if your device is ever stolen. And like Kaspersky’s tiện ích, there’s also a Thief Cam” feature, which allows you lớn take a picture of the person who stole your phone using the front camera. This is much better than some điện thoại antivi khuẩn apps — lượt thích TotalAV — which doesn’t have these features.

Overall, the ứng dụng works smoothly without affecting the usability of my phone.The interface does feel a bit cluttered, but it has a host of features packed in there, so I can’t complain.

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McAfee Customer Support

McAfee has all support bases covered:

PhoneLive sầu chatFAQsCommunity forum

The phone & live chat are available 24/7 for English speakers. Depending on your language, live sầu chat may not be an option, và the hours of operation for the phone support will vary.

You can usually get a representative sầu in just a few minutes, but it may be longer depending on the time a day. If this is the case, a banner is shown at the top of the McAfee tư vấn page warning users lớn expect longer wait times.

There’s also adetailed knowledge base which answers many typical technical tư vấn issues. Unfortunately, the organization of these articles is lacking. There are hundreds khổng lồ choose from, but you have to lớn mostly rely on the tìm kiếm bar and scrolling through until you find your answer. And although the support articles are detailed, they laông chồng images or videos.

The community forums is pretty active sầu. People ask questions và other members of the forums can answer. One great thing is that the forum is available in multiple languages including Arabic, Italian, and Spanish.

You can also use theVirtual Technician lớn diagnose và fix technical issues— it’s not perfect, but it’s helpful for simple questions. Or if you’re away from your computer, you can use the Techmaster — và advanced paid service — khổng lồ help troubleshoot issues.

All in all, McAfee Total Protection’ssupport options are great — you can get everything from phone chat khổng lồ a virtual assistant. I do wish the knowledge base had more pictures and videos though — it’s much easier to solve sầu a problem with visual guides.

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Is McAfee Any Good? Is “Total Protection” Worth the Price?

McAfee Total Protection has improved its old software a lot. It scores high for malware detection & prevention, & it’s definitely going to keep your devices secure. The package also offers a wide range of extra security và performance options, some of which are great (QuickClean) and some of which are not great (lượt thích WebAdvisor). And if you’re like me, the new interface may annoy you with tons of pop-ups. But if you prefer that style, then McAfee will work really well for you.

The di động tiện ích is a great addition to McAfee’s package. It’s quick, effective, light on resources, & comes with a lot of great extra features lớn help keep Mobile devices safe. I also love that McAfee gives so many tư vấn options — phone, live sầu chat, knowledgebase, forums, và AI technicians at your disposal.

If you’re new to using an antivi khuẩn và need lớn protect a lot of devices, especially Windows devices, the Household/Family plan is both a good price và offers all the features you’ll need lớn stay protected. The Multi-device plan still offers lots of value, but the Individual plan (only 1 device) is not really worth it. If you only need to lớn protect one device, it’s better lớn go with something else like Norton 360 or Avira Prime.