As one of the most popular games online, GTA 5 takes it another step with great mods that make chơi game so much more fun. Here are some of the best.

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Thanks to modders, players can experience GTA V Online in amazing new ways. Some players stick lớn the low-end graphical enhancements, while others take the trò chơi to new levels that not even Rockstar would be willing lớn do. Players have thought of everything from, character changes to lớn creating entirely new maps for others to lớn enjoy.

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With so many mods out there it can be hard khổng lồ decide which ones khổng lồ start with. That is why we have compiled this các mục of some of the best GTA V Online mods for players lớn try out. Just don"t go too crazy when flying around as Iron Man.

Updated June 29th, 2021, By Aden Carter: New mods are created all the time by fans of GTA Online, but not many people realize how easy it can be to mod the game. By following a few simple steps, players can be on their merry way. It"s not all fun and games, however, because Rockstar tries its best khổng lồ prevent people from modding the game và ruining the experience for other players in a lobby. Keep that in mind before modding the game because it can quickly lead lớn someone getting put on the ban list. This will prevent a player from ever being able to lớn play online again.

11/11 How To thủ thuật GTA Online


There are many ways khổng lồ mod GTA Online, but players mainly stick khổng lồ a few programs. One of the first steps before beginning the adventure of modding is to lớn copy the GTA V program. Having a second copy of the game will allow players to have a modded version and a clean version of the game. After that, it is as simple as downloading one of the many programs for modding the game. Some of the best are:

ScripthookV OpenIV ScriptHookVDotNet Rage Plugin Hook

After getting the programs ready, it is time khổng lồ start downloading mods. While there are also many programs to install mods, there are more websites that allow players to download mods. The main one that players tend to lớn use is After downloading the mods, players will need to use the various programs to install them. Then they will be able lớn play GTA with mods.

Creator FelixTheBlackCat has created a hack that allows players lớn rob various banks around the GTA Online map. Each ngân hàng has a mix amount of money you can rob which can range from twenty thousand all the way up to twenty million. Each robbery also awards your criminal activity with an appropriate wanted màn chơi while you attempt khổng lồ run the cash bank to your safe house to lớn secure it.

This hack also makes it possible lớn break into ATMs and steal some additional dough which can vary from five hundred lớn eleven thousand dollars. No more need for the never-ending cash grind.


Okay, maybe playing as a criminal can get a little boring after a while. That"s why there is a nifty thủ thuật that allows players lớn assume the role of a thành viên of the LSPD. Get all the thrills of GTA but in a way that won"t get you chased by the cops. Pull people over, get into shootouts, make drug busts, and more with this mod. It even allows for some interaction with NPCs. This can be a great way to troll people as well if they are already wanted.

This next hack was created by Brazilian modder, Julio Nib, and allows you to dawn the Iron Man suit và fly around Los Santos lượt thích the nhân vật (or villain) you are. This armor comes equipped with many weapons like a tia laze beam, machine gun, and pulse cannon that you can use to tear apart your enemies on top of being able to lớn get around the city with extreme speed.

Unlock the full strength of the Iron Man suit and use it lớn flip cars, & propel yourself into traffic. Now we just need the Hulk lớn complete the illusion.

This gian lận is great for adding some extra vehicles to lớn traverse the world. Created by user Israelsr, this thủ thuật allows you lớn ride in style around the đô thị of Los Santos is vehicles like the Star Wars speeder bike or The Flintstones" foot-powered car.

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If flying is more your style then you can choose from an actual DeLoreon, Tie Fighter, or even an X-Wing. This thủ thuật is sure khổng lồ offer hours of fun for you & your friends. He should really think about adding the Millenium Falcon to increase the assortment of Star Wars vehicles.

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This mod is one that has been favorited by many fans và a DLC that many people would love for Rockstar to showroom to GTA V Online. This gian lận was created by Lunchxbles & brings the vibrant 80s inspired world of Vice City, Florida to lớn the world of Los Santos.

It even includes randomized scenarios lớn further enhance the experience. Now if only Rockstar would add this as an actual DLC khổng lồ the online mode, but at least there are modders out there who know what the fans want.

Modder Marhex has created a thủ thuật that allows you to go khổng lồ prison instead of just having the cops kill you on sight. Get the full experience of going lớn prison without all the waiting around in court và if you want, you can even bail yourself out as long as you have the cash lớn handle it.

With this mod, you have the ability to escape if you don"t have the money or don"t want lớn pay bail. You can also start a riot if you are in one of those violent moods and want khổng lồ kick in a few teeth.

Are you tired of traffic always getting in your way? How about those annoying cops running you off the road? Well, user Kanersps has a fix for that. The Carmageddon hack makes it so that cars explode around you as you pass by leaving a trail of destruction wherever you may go.

Say goodbye lớn those annoying cops since they won"t even get the chance khổng lồ touch you before being engulfed in flames. That will teach the cops not lớn mess with you ever again.

One of the worst things about GTA is that you can walk down the street và view all the wonderful building but never go in them. Luckily, NewTheft has created a mod that opens up most of the buildings across Los Santos for your viewing pleasure.

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They even incorporated working elevators in a few buildings so you can all the floors. This gian lận even adds each opened location on the bản đồ with a marker along with marking which ones are able khổng lồ be robbed. Kiểm tra out his page for information on all the buildings that are able to be entered. There are a lot of them.

It can be a little boring walking around the streets of Los Santos without some tunes. The atmosphere may be nice, but it lacks the realism of having music flooding the streets like areas of California. This thủ thuật created by XMOD adds in a portable radio so you can listen to lớn all your favorite radio channels on the go.

There is something relaxing about listening khổng lồ some rock or rap music while you blast away cops while walking. It amplifies the experience you get from the game in a way that you wouldn"t expect.

Sometimes causing mayhem gets a little old. After all, GTA Online only has so many weapons. Why stick with the normal rocket launcher or minigun when there is a mod that allows players to use a grappling hook gun? This mod lets a player use a grappling hook gun to lớn swing across buildings, scale walls with ease, & even hijack police helicopters. That"s right, with this mod, a player can grapple only a police helicopter and pull the cop out while they take the wheel.