Doki Doki Literature Club"s Monika is not your average Visual Novel character. What are some surprising details about the club president?


Monika in two poses with her in her official artwork in the centre on the pink dot background of the game titles screen
Doki Doki Literature Club has quickly become one of the best visual novels to lớn ever be released on PC, seeing you become the newest member of a school literature club alongside four dễ thương schoolgirls all vying for your attention. Although at first you may be tricked into thinking this is nothing more than a fluffy, feel-good, slice-of-life about writing poetry and going on dates, many players have quickly realized that there's more to lớn this cutesy dating sim than meets the eye.

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As you progress the girls around you begin khổng lồ behave oddly; starting to glitch & act erratically before vanishing from the trò chơi one by one. You later find out that these strange incidents are the actions of the fourth-wall-breaking and infatuated club president Monika, who quickly becomes so smitten with you (not your character, YOU) that she manages lớn break into the game's code, completely rewriting her & the other girl's scripts. But who is she?

For curious players and fans who wish to know more, here are some facts about the literature club's creepy, esteemed overseer that you may not have noticed on your first playthrough. video clip OF THE DAY

10/10 There's A Lot In A Name


Monika Doki Doki Literature Club No Happiness In The Literature Club
The characters' name choices aren't random, and the choosing of Monika is no exception. Meaning "counselor" or "advisor", it reflects how her character was meant to lớn be seen within the game as a person of kindness và guidance within the role of club president. But that's not all.

Although you wouldn't notice it at first, Monika was always meant to stand out from the other girls. Because of this, she's given the only western name, unlike Sayori, Yuki, & Natsuki who all had a strong Japanese influence. As she confides in you at the over of the trò chơi that she always felt different, it can be assumed that this unique name only would have added khổng lồ her feeling more isolated & alienated from the other characters.


Monika's unique name wasn't her only difference, as she was purposely designed khổng lồ stand out to you from the very beginning of the game, you just might not have realized it at the time.

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Stylistically, Monika is the only girl to have her hair tied back, be wearing đen thigh-high socks instead of knee-length white, & have pink-tipped shoes instead of blue. Not only this but her sprite is always shown facing forwards towards the viewer instead of slightly lớn the side like her peers. As it is revealed that she has quality control over the game, it can be assumed that these differences were made khổng lồ purposely try & catch the player's attention from the beginning.


When you go to download the game you'll notice that Monika is EXTREMELY present on the storefront, being the official image on Steam và also the author of the description, stating:

"Hi, Monika here!

I'm super excited for you lớn make friends with everyone và help the Literature Club become a more intimate place for all my members. But I can tell already that you're a sweetheart—will you promise to spend the most time with me? ♥"

In this way, it seems lượt thích Monika is trying to entice the player into buying the game, having already become infatuated, và goes a long way in preluding everything to come. Yikes.

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Unless you've watched a stream of someone playing the game, you've probably never been privy khổng lồ Monika's awareness of exactly what you're doing whilst playing.

The first khổng lồ stream the game quickly found themselves at the mercy of her horrific jumpscare, deliberately inputted into the trò chơi when it detects that you may be streaming the content to other people online. She does seem to lớn have some moral compass though, as despite being able lớn learn your name from your computer she will never choose khổng lồ release it if you're streaming.

Although it may always seem that Monika only wants the player due lớn a deep-seated infatuation và obsession, there's definitely more khổng lồ her longing than first meet the eye.

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Monika tells you that when you're not playing she enters a 'sleep mode' which she equates to lớn "being trapped in hell". Here her thoughts are filled with incoherent, jumbled patterns, static, rapidly flashing colors, and, most ominously, screaming. It's assumed this is what happens when you're on the computer but not playing the game, therefore using her memory for other things. But still, it's a pretty horrific thought.

As Monika has some sentience whilst the game is not being played, she has a lot more time khổng lồ think than her peers. When having the large talk with her near the end of the trò chơi Monika heartbreakingly confides in you that she had had thoughts about deleting herself, not wanting lớn live inside the game anymore.

Monika tells you that had you not shown up to quell her loneliness & give her something to lớn gain hope from, she definitely would have deleted herself by now, having attempted khổng lồ escape the trò chơi before but being unsuccessful in doing so.

4/10 She Has An Active Twitter Account


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Monika Saying "Hey Senpai" When The trò chơi begins lớn glitch
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