Peripera peri"s ink velvet

Hi everyone, today I’ll be reviewing probably one of the most well-known và trendy beauty items today: Peri’s Ink Velvet from the K-Beauty br&, Peripera. I’m actually really late lớn the lip tint buổi tiệc ngọt. I mean I’ve tried tints before but they were too opaque, và I don’t like non-pigmented lip products. Hence, I’ve sầu been stuchồng on the liquid matte lipstiông xã trend for years. I decided khổng lồ try something new this time and read on to know if this sản phẩm changed my mind on lip tints.

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Peripera Peri"s Ink the Velvet details

Available at

This retails for P450 for 8g of hàng hóa.It is available in all Club Clio stalls nationwide.I got mine at 20% off for P360 during one of their sales in store.It is also available online in Lazada, BeatyMNL, Althea, và Shopee.


Slide on? Right on!These gorgeously hued tints from Peri Pera have a velvety, almost whipped-lượt thích mousse texture that glides effortlessly onkhổng lồ the lips, leaving them with vivid pigmentation that stays put.Its hydrating formula keeps the lips looking plump for up khổng lồ 6 hours, so you don’t have khổng lồ worry about constantly checking in the mirror for touch-ups throughout the day.

Source Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid - Holds moisture to the lips to keep away dryness

Marine collagene - Penetrates inkhổng lồ lips lớn plump it up & reduce fine lines

Organic jojoba oil - Moisturizes and creates a protective sầu barrier to balance out the hydration level

Source Cruelty-Free


We would lượt thích lớn inkhung you that all our cosmetics are không tính tiền of animals substance or any animal testing.



Okay, I’ll admit this first: I bought this because of the dễ thương packaging. Not because I wanted to try lip tints but because I was really tempted by the dễ thương ink dropper bottle. It’s very eye-catching. I really lượt thích how the color of the bottle also matches the shade color.

It comes in a pretty cardboard box packaging as well.The sản phẩm description is on the box, & it states that this has a 12-month PAO (period after opening).I don’t know if the color of the cardboard box also matches the bottle because I only have this one.


The bottle is plastic, & it’s really tiny but also a bit bulky. I really don’t mind though, because I have sầu a wide-bottomed makeup bag. I only bring this và a compact powder nowadays, so I have sầu plenty of room. But honestly, this packaging is not travel-friendly và also does not fit in any of my acrylic makeup organizers.




Let’s talk about the color. I swatched a lot of shades in store and chose the shade 05 Inktude Rose.This is subdued red with a coral/orangey undertone.I wanted something “bright” but also muted at the same time.I still have way too much nude, pinky-brown, mauve sầu pink, greige và deep browns in my lip collection.I wasn’t feeling too adventurous lớn get an orange or a really bright red, so I got this.


No filter, taken indoors in front of a window.

I can’t really describe colors, but this shade is just lovely, và it brightens up my face. This is the only lip product I reach for, ever since I’ve sầu used it. It’s the perfect shade of red for every day because it’s not too in your face red.

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Left: bare lip, right: with Ink Velvet in Inktude Rose. No filter, taken indoors in front of a window.Please excuse my growing mustađậy, & yes, my lips are always this dry.

From the swatches above, you can really see how pigmented it is.This is where the Ink Velvet formula really shines.I have sầu really dark upper lips & lip line on my bottom lip. This is just one swipe, và it was able lớn even out the color of my lips.


Using this takes a lot of getting used khổng lồ.My first few days of using this, I was probably using a lot more product than needed that it stained my front-teeth.The applicator is tiny, & I was used to holding regular-sized ones.It was hard lớn move sầu around then & I unintentionally overlined my lips once because of too much sản phẩm.

I’ve been using this for months now and got over how to use it properly. The trichồng is khổng lồ leave as little sản phẩm on the w& as possible. I swipe the wvà on the bottom of my lip first và press my lips together to spread it out. I then fill in my lips with the remaining color on the w&, if I wanted khổng lồ bởi vì a full color. If I wanted a gradient effect, I’ll use a cotton bud or my ring finger khổng lồ spread out the color.


By now, you have sầu probably guessed that I am in love sầu with the color, but am I in love sầu with the formula?

I find that the color payoff is good, but the formula is so-so. It’s very light-weight, as expected from a lip tint. It feels lượt thích I have nothing on my lips.But, the taste reminds me of cough syrup for some reason.It’s not bad, but I prefer my lip products not to lớn taste weird.

I have sầu used this photo in my Reviews of the Etude House Two Tone Treatment Hair Màu sắc in Forest House Green before.Different filters và lighting conditions.

It is a bit drying.But it doesn’t emphasize my dry & cracked lips as much as liquid matte lipsticks bởi vì.It also gives out a soft, blurred look to the lips.You wouldn’t really see a lot of the dry skin unless you really zoomed in on my lips.

Left: after one meal. Bottom lip color is a bit faded. And there’s a bit of dry skin peeling off. Right: over of the day. Almost all color is gone, but there’s a pink-ish stain left.No filter, different lighting, also terrible photos.

Because it doesn’t really dry down, it also transfers và doesn’t last very long.It’s gone after I eat anything & I eat around five sầu times a day.Re-applying it is easy as the sản phẩm layers well. However, it leaves a stain that is sometimes hard to lớn remove, even with oil-based cleansers.

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Price and Availability

At P450 a pop, it’s not the most affordable lip product out there.However, Club Clio always goes on sale every month so you can grab these at lesser prices.These are available in Shopee stores as well và retail for around P330 or less.Just be cautious và vigilant when buying things online.For things that are available in the store, I prefer khổng lồ buy them there just khổng lồ be safe.Swatching is a plus, especially for lip colors, because sometimes they look good online, but the color is slightly different when you get them.


PROS This color is perfect Doesn’t emphakích cỡ dry, flaky skin on the lips Very pigmented color Light-weight formula that doesn’t dry the lips NEUTRAL Packaging is a bit bulky CONS The stain is a little hard to remove. The taste reminds me of medicine.

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