Ponds Pimple Clear Leave On Expert Clearing Gel Review


Although I don’t really get bad breakouts often, I keep stocking my skincare stash with acne products. What if I wake up with a pimple one day! This thought is always on my mind. When an acne starts showing up even the slighchạy thử sign of arrival, it is best khổng lồ vày something before it becomes huge, painful và pus filled. I hate to go, tìm kiếm và buy that one miracle acne sản phẩm in the last minute. By that time I would have started pricking it và made a huge blunder out of it. So I try to lớn have sầu something as a backup in case I might need them sometime. I picked up two acne products two months ago. One is the Ponds Expert Clear Gel và the other is Cosrx Pimple Patch. Those have sầu been lying around for a while và finally the time came to put them inlớn thử nghiệm right after the festive sầu season last month. Today I shall nói qua my experience with the Ponds Leave On Expert Clearing Gel.

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Product Description:

Formulated with the world’s first Active Thymo-T Essence, Pond’s Acne Clear uses chất lượng Lochồng + Clear Technology that works in 3 days lớn eliminate acne at the root, for smooth clear skin.



How to lớn Use Ponds Leave On Expert Clearing Gel?

Apply the gel twice a day onkhổng lồ all areas of the face. Use after Pond’s Pimple clear Face Wash. For Better Results, use it as a spot treatment during the nights.

Precaution: In case of tương tác with eyes, rinse with water immediately. Store away from direct sunlight & heat.

Price : 99 INR for đôi mươi gms.

My take on Ponds Leave On Expert Clearing Gel:

Packaging: Ponds Leave On Expert Clearing Gel comes in a pure Trắng, sleek và slender plastic tube with a screw cap. The nozzle is a pointed one, so it’s easier khổng lồ take the product out. The 20 gm sản phẩm can be easily taken while travelling. There are zero chances of sản phẩm spillage. Further, the tube is packed in a thẻ box that holds all information about the clear gel.



Fragrance: It has a nice aqua fragrance. It is pleasing to my senses. But it might be svào on nose for some people. It might also irritate your skin if you have sầu a history of allergies using products with svào fragrance. The fragrance does not stay for long once applied.

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Color: The gel looks translucent trắng và goes on colorless leaving no cast or whiteness on the skin.

Texture: Ponds Expert Face Gel has a smooth, light gel texture. The consistency is such that it doesn’t move around. Hence easier lớn get a hold of it.

Efficacy: Ponds Leave On Expert Clearing Gel has some really good active acne ingredients. The focus ingredient being Thymo T Essence which is a combination of Thymol & Terpineol. Both of them have sầu anti-inflammatory và antiseptic properties which locks pimple causing germs at the root và get them cleared away. Other noteworthy ingredients includes Salicylic Acid (helps to lớn unclog pores), Niacinamide (reduces sebum production) và Glycerin(prevents moisture loss và soothes skin).


The Ponds Leave On Expert Clearing Gel is an all over face gel rather than a spot treatment only. Like the sản phẩm packaging says, I apply it all over on my cleansed, toned face. A thin layer of it would suffice. Being a lightweight gel, it absorbs in no time as if nothing is applied on the skin. The gel is a bit drying on my now combination skin, so applying a moisturizer on top of it is necessary for me. If it is day time, a sunscreen is essential. Generally acne products aren’t recommended for day time use as it might cause photo sensitivity. This product doesn’t state anything though. Still, I restrict using this only when I know I will be away from the sun on that day. call it precautions!!

Coming to lớn its effects on acne, it zaps tiny zits in one night and leaves no sign of acne. Happy happy! But for big pimples, it works only when I apply it as a spot treatment for a couple of days. Still It doesn’t vanish them completely in 3 days as claimed. It just fastens the healing process. What might take 10 days to lớn disappear, heals in about 5-6 days. In the over, the mark the acne leaves is also noticeably smaller. Also, it calms redness khổng lồ a great extent. Although it fails in its 3 day claim, this is a decent acne product that can be included in your acne skincare regime.



Nice, travel friendly packaging.Affordable price.A little goes a long way.Lightweight gel that absorbs quickly.Great spot treatment.Works for small pimples.Speeds up healing process.


Can be drying at times.Does not really work in 3 days.Does not prsự kiện new breakouts.

Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend? Although I wouldn’t be repurchasing this, I would recommover trying this once if your skin is acne prone. It makes tiny pimples disappear in no time & speeds up healing of big pimples. I suggest trying this as a spot treatment for better results.

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