Xiaomi redmi note 2 quick review: digital photography review


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The Mi lưu ý 2 is the first Xiaomày phone with global LTE bands, setting the stage for the company"s expansion in the future. With a dual curved display, excellent internal hardware, and high amount of customizability, the Mi Note 2 has a lot khổng lồ offer for its $420 price tag.

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Xiaongươi Mi Note 2 Full review

Xiaomày rolled out the Mi chú ý 2 alongside the futuristic Mi Mix, & as a result the phone was overshadowed by its bezel-less sibling. Although it doesn"t have a cantilever piezoelectric driver for making calls, the Mi lưu ý 2 is plenty capable and is the first from Xiaomi to lớn feature global LTE bands. And while the dual curves at the front and bachồng make the Mi lưu ý 2 look lượt thích a Galaxy cảnh báo 7 knockoff, the design is an evolution from the original Mi lưu ý which made its debut in 2015.

The Mi Note 2 signifies an important step for Xiaomày as it looks khổng lồ maximize revenues in its trang chính market. With the likes of OPPO & Vivo gaining ground in tier 2 and tier 3 cities on the bachồng of a well-connected (& well-funded) retail distribution network, Xiaongươi is looking to lớn the mid-range segment lớn boost profits.

With a generous 6GB of RAM và 128GB storage along with global LTE bands (37 in total), the Mi Note 2 is the showcase device for Xiaomi"s ambitions, and while the phone isn"t selling in the millions like those in the Redmi series, the goal for Xiaomi is to lớn show that it can hold its own in the mid-tier category.

Xiaongươi Mi cảnh báo 2 Specs

Operating SystemMIUI 8 based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Display5.7-inch 1080p (1920 x 1080) OLED panel 386ppi pixel density
SoCQuad-core Qualcomilimet Snaprồng 821 Two Kryo cores at 2.35GHz, two Kryo cores at 2.15GHz 14nm
GPUAdreno 530
Rear camera22.5MPhường. with f/2.0 lens dual-tone LED flash 4K đoạn phim recording
Front shooter8MPhường with f/2.0 lens 1080p video clip recording
ConnectivityWiFi ac, Công nghệ Bluetooth 4.2 (A2DP), NFC, GPS, GLONASSUSB-C, 3.5mm audio jack
Battery4070mAh battery Quiông xã Charge 3.0
FingerprintFront fingerprint sensor
Dimensions156.2 x 77.3 x 7.6mm
ColorsBlack, Gold, Silver


Xiaomi Mi lưu ý 2 Design & display

The first thing you"ll notice about the Mi chú ý 2 is the dual curves at the front & back of the device. The symmetrical curves are near-identical to lớn those on Samsung"s ill-fated Galaxy cảnh báo 7, and combined with the availability of global LTE bands, the Mi cảnh báo 2 is seen as an igiảm giá replacement for those looking for a large-screened device with a dual-curved display.

The Mi lưu ý 2 fits that bill, but there are a few notable differences — the 5.7-inch display only sports a Full HD resolution, there"s no stylus, và the camera is strictly average.

What the screen lacks in resolution it makes up for in vibrancy. The Full HD LG-made OLED panel offers saturated colors, deep blacks, & high contrast levels. As is the case with all Xiaongươi phones in this segment, there are plenty of options lớn tweak the color temperature, và you get a reading mode that acts as a blue-light filter. There"s also a Sunlight Display mode that selectively boosts contrast và brightness, allowing you lớn view the screen while outdoors.


While the phone has a dual-curved display, the screen doesn"t extend outward to lớn the edges of the panel. There are noticeable bezels on the side that serve to lớn minimize accidental touches, which is a welcome addition. The baông xã of the device is sparse, sporting a round camera lens & LED flash module along with the Mi biệu tượng công ty, which is located at the bottom. The build unique is excellent, and right up there with the best that Samsung và LG have sầu khổng lồ offer.

The phone definitely stands out in the Piano Black finish, but the downside is that the glass panel at the bachồng attracts a lot of fingerprints. You"ll have sầu khổng lồ carry a microfiber cloth if you want khổng lồ keep the Mi Note 2 looking pristine.

Xiaomi has been offering an IR blaster in its handsets for several years now, và the Mi Note 2 also has an emitter up top through which you can control a myriad of TVs & set-top boxes. The Mi Note 2 also offers USB-C connectivity, & the port is flanked by symmetrical grills that house a bottom-firing speaker & a microphone. The headphone jaông chồng is located at the top, và Xiaomày has bundled a DAC that allows for 192kHz/24-bit playback.

The fingerprint sensor located in the trang chủ button is an extension of what we"ve sầu seen on the Mi 5. Xiaongươi dabbled with various implementations last year, like Qualcomm"s Sense ID on the Mi 5s, và trying out a fingerprint sensor at the bachồng in the Mi 5 Plus. The Mi chú ý 2 has a standard trang chủ button up front, và the surface area is thankfully larger than that of the Mi 5. The trang chủ button also doubles up as a capacitive key, allowing you to go baông xã to lớn the home page screen with a quichồng tap.


Xiaomày Mi cảnh báo 2 Hardware

Like the Mi 5s, the Mi chú ý 2 has top-notch hardware in the size of a SnapLong 821 SoC. You"re not going lớn notice any issues with the device when it comes to real-world performance, with the Mi chú ý 2 holding its own next to lớn the likes of the Pixel & OnePlus 3T.

The Mi lưu ý 2 is available in two configurations — a base variant with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage, & a global version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage. The latter variant is particularly interesting as it is the first Xiaomày phone with global LTE coverage, but the downside is that it is limited in supply. Furthermore, as the Mi chú ý 2 is officially sold in just one country (China), you"ll have to lớn resort to picking it up from reseller sites if you want khổng lồ get your hands on the device outside Xiaomi"s home page market.

The variant with 4GB of RAM & 64GB storage is available for as low as $4trăng tròn, making it a very enticing option in this segment. The Mi chú ý 2 doesn"t have sầu a microSD slot, but the generous internal storage should be more than sufficient for most users. The global variant with 128GB of storage is available for $100 more.

Both variants offer dual-SIM tư vấn, along with NFC, công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 4.2, GPS with GLONASS & Beidou.

Battery life

Xiaongươi has been including massive sầu batteries in its devices of late and the situation is no different in the Mi lưu ý 2. The phone has a 4070mAh battery in a chassis that"s just 7.8milimet thiông xã, and when combined with the Full HD display the Mi lưu ý 2 provides all-day battery life without breaking a sweat.

You"ll easily be able to lớn get a day và a half"s worth of usage out of the Mi lưu ý 2, & when you need khổng lồ top up the battery, you"ll be able lớn rely on Quiông chồng Charge 3.0.


Xiaongươi Mi cảnh báo 2 Software

There"s not a lot khổng lồ talk about on the software front when it comes khổng lồ the Mi chú ý 2, as it runs the same MIUI 8 skin that is present on the Mi 5s, Redmày Note 4, and other recent Xiaomi phones. For better or worse, MIUI offers a ton of customization, & there"s a high learning curve sầu. If you"re one to lớn dig into the settings to lớn customize every single facet of your phone, then there"s plenty lớn like in MIUI 8. The interface has picked up a host of new features over the course of the years, và it takes a while lớn explore them all.

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Notable additions include Dual Apps, which let you run two instances of the same ứng dụng on the phone, Second Space, a sandboxed zone that lets you create a second profile, & a built-in đoạn Clip editor. MIUI 8 doesn"t have an app drawer, so if you"re lượt thích me and have sầu lots of apps installed, you can install a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ launcher like Nova to switch to a more familiar-looking interface.

MIUI 8 offers a ton of customizability, but it takes a while to get accustomed to the interface.

MIUI is designed primarily for Chinese users, and as a result a lot of those elements pop up in the global ROM which is installed on Mi Note 2 units sold on reseller sites. Unlike the Chinese variant, the global ROM includes the Play Store as well as other Google apps, making it easy for you to get started with using the phone.

Xiaongươi rolls out regular updates khổng lồ MIUI 8, delivering new features & security updates, but the one area where the manufacturer has lagged behind is platkhung updates. The Mi lưu ý 2 is still running Marshmallow, và there"s no word on when the Nougat update will be available for the device.


Xiaomi Mi cảnh báo 2 Camera

Although the Mi lưu ý 2 has a 22.5MPhường. imaging sensor, the small 1-micron px kích cỡ negatively affects its performance in low-light conditions. The Mi chú ý 2 takes good images for the most part, but when it comes to artificial lighting or night-time shots, the phone fails to deliver.

Taking photos with the Mi lưu ý 2 is an easy affair, with the camera app offering several shooting modes và filters with pReview. There"s also the option of shooting 4K đoạn phim, but as is the case with images, the final chất lượng is passable but not great.

Xiaomày Mi Note 2 Bottom line

The Mi lưu ý 2 shows how far Xiaomày has come. The company has consistently put out great phones in the mid-range segment, and the Mi chú ý 2 is its best showing yet. The Full HD display may not be the densest in this segment, but it gets the job done. The only downside is the camera, which while decent at outdoor shots struggles when it comes khổng lồ low-light imagery.

However, the biggest drawbaông chồng with the Mi lưu ý 2 — and recent Xiaomày flagships in general — is its availability. The phone is limited lớn China, & while you"ll be able khổng lồ piông chồng up the global version with 6GB of RAM và worldwide LTE bands for $529 (or $15 more than Xiaomi"s retail price), there"s no recourse should you run into any issues with the handset. The standard variant at $419 is also a lucrative khuyến mãi considering you"re getting a phone with Snapdragon 821 và a dual-curved panel, but once again, there"s that uncertainty when it comes to after-sales service.

The availability of global LTE bands signifies the company"s move sầu to exp& its horizons, & while there"s no specific plans on when it will enter Western markets, the Mi cảnh báo 2 sets the stage for such an eventuality.

Should you buy it? Yes

It"ll be at least a month before Xiaomi"s 2017 flagship, the Mi 6, goes up for sale at reseller sites, and even after it does, the Mi cảnh báo 2 will continue khổng lồ be a very compelling option. For one thing, Xiaomày isn"t offering a variant of the Mi 6 with global LTE bands, và for now, the Mi lưu ý 2 is the only Xiaongươi phone that lets you access LTE networks around the world. You"re getting a lot for its $529 asking price.

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