This serum from SK-II’s whitening series harnesses the power of Pitera và niacinamide to lớn give you crystal clear, radiant skin


Like most women, I’ve always aspired lớn have skin that is bright, even toned & clear. I used to think that this ideal is only attainable with photosiêu thị and really good filters, but now I know it isn’t – you just need lớn be diligent with your skincare routine & use the right products like I’ve sầu come to lớn discover with the SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence.

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As I was born with a relatively fair complexion, I never saw the need to lớn use brightening products. However, after trying out the GenOptics Aura Essence ($199 for 30ml, $299 for 50ml và $400 for 75ml) from Japanese skincare br& SK-II, I realised that brightening skincare aren’t just for those who desire a fairer complexion or those who wish to lớn fight dark spots.

Brightening skincare helps khổng lồ even out the skin tone khổng lồ deliver the coveted lit-from-within glow and luminosity. So regardless of whether you are naturally tanned or fair, these products can help lớn reduce the appearance of discolouration và rejuvenate lackluster skin.

A lot of women, especially in Asia, want khổng lồ be fairer so they zoom in on “whitening”, but should be focusing on “brightening” as this encompasses not only making the skin fairer, but also more even-toned, luminous và flawless. Who doesn’t want that?

The search for a whitening essence that answers all my needs


As a beauty writer, I’ve tried a fair number of facial essences from different brands, but I always find myself going back khổng lồ the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (FTE). I’ve sầu been incorporating the FTE into lớn my skincare routine for about a year now. The FTE is loaded with Pitera, a yeast extract that is found in every SK-II product, from the R.N.A Power nguồn anti-aging range lớn the GenOptics Aura Essence.

Pitera is loaded with vitamins that conditions and softens the skin; amino acids that protect và maintain the skin’s protective barrier và organic acids that gently sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal translucent và bouncy complexion, plus anti-aging saccharides & proteins khổng lồ nourish và rejuvenate the skin. With every application, the FTE leaves my parched, sensitive sầu and acne-prone skin feeling supple và hydrated, và ready for any skincare I choose lớn follow up with.

While I can always count on my trusty bottle of FTE for balanced, hydrated & supple skin, as I approach my mid-20s, I’m looking for something that will restore radiance khổng lồ my skin. According to a survey done by SK-II, women in their 20s actually experience a loss of radiance at a faster rate compared lớn any other age group.

When you have sầu so little time and so much khổng lồ bởi vì, it can lead to insufficient rest, which in turn, slows down the turnover rate of your cells, leading lớn duller skin. Apart from lifestyle related factors, skin damage from environmental factors can also lead to lớn an accumulation of melanin clouds beneath the skin’s surface that can cause the development of both visible & hidden spot formation.

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That is why it is important lớn use a brightening skincare sản phẩm like the GenOptics Aura Essence that will get rid of dullness và discolouration. Packed with niacinamide (vitamin B3), an ingredient prized for its anti-oxidative sầu & anti-inflammatory abilities, the Aura essence promises khổng lồ calm the complexion and get rid of excess melanin to lớn unveil smooth và spot-free complexion.


Before & after using GenOptics Aura Essence


When I first got hold of a bottle of GenOptics Aura Essence, I had high hopes for the hàng hóa because it contains a high concentration of skin-loving ingredients lượt thích Vi-Ta-Min B3 và pitera which I knew my skin would react well with. Needless to lớn say, I tested it immediately when I got home page.

On application, I notice an instant brightening effect, my ruddy cheeks appear less red & my skin looks well-rested, almost lượt thích I’ve had a good eight hours of sleep the night before. Even though it is an essence, there is some weight khổng lồ the product so the consistency of this almost feels like a moisturiser. If you have sầu oily skin, you might be able lớn get away with using this as a moisturiser because it is so nourishing.

Even though I don’t really like my skincare products khổng lồ be scented, this essence has a mild fragrance that is very pleasant and not too overpowering. It also absorbs easily inlớn the skin & doesn’t feel sticky afterwards so it wouldn’t cause your makeup khổng lồ slip và slide. It also has a dropper that will dispense the recommended dosage inkhổng lồ your palms, so I don’t have sầu to worry about using too much (or too little) of the essence.

How I used the GenOptics Aura Essence in my skincare routine


I’ve sầu been using this sản phẩm religiously for about two weeks (day và night) on top of my beloved FTE & I have sầu definitely seen a significant improvement in the uniformity & evenness of my skin tone. Even though I have very sensitive sầu & acne-prone skin, it didn’t irritate my skin or caused any breakouts. For optimal results, I recommover priming the skin with the SK-II FTE before patting the Aura essence inkhổng lồ the skin. Make sure you don’t rub your skin – your face is delicate & deserves lớn be treated with tender loving care.

So here’s my take on the GenOptics Aura Essence: On top of loving how my skin feels with every application, it also does a great job in evening out my skin tone và reducing the appearance of dark spots và blemishes. If you’re concerned about hyperpigmentation but you’re not keen khổng lồ dive inkhổng lồ a full brightening range, I would definitely recommend adding a brightening essence lượt thích this one khổng lồ your existing skincare routine.

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While the SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence is often sold out at DFS, you can easily piông chồng them up at various SK-II counter locations across the island.

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