Mac matte lipstick


I talked a lot about hair these past few articles, but today, I am going lớn talk about a beautiful coral lipstichồng. I was again looking for some lipstick colors I don’t have for spring & summer and I found this. I fell in love sầu with it immediately và I had to lớn give it a home!




P2 is basically a cosmetic line from the store DM which is a store here in Germany. I really enjoy the packaging. I don’t think I have seen a silver lipstichồng packaging before. I know that there are some lipsticks with gold packaging. Downfall though is that you can see the fingerprints all the time.

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It is really creamy và moisturizing. It goes very smoothly and creamy on the lips and looks quite glossy on the lips. It has no glitter particles in the lipstiông xã which is a plus point for me.

The packaging is quite big. It is way bigger than the Lancôme lipsticks, but it is a good thing because I feel like it’s very sturdy. I don’t have to lớn worry about the lipstiông xã getting opened by itself in my purse and smearing inside my purse.


I always Call it “expiration date,” but I am sure there is a correct word, so if you know what word I am looking for please let me know! Anyway, you can use this lipstichồng up lớn 24 months & then you should toss it out.

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A kiss for each one of you girls!!!


Since you ladies lượt thích the Reviews lớn carry my picture, I am posting another snap of me today. Woah, my neông xã looks so long :S looks weird!!


Pros of P2 Pure Màu sắc Lipstiông xã in 059 Copacabana:

Pretty coral color.Glossy finish.I have 24 months khổng lồ use it.Cute, chất lượng, sturdy packaging.Super cheap at 2.30.Lasts for 4 hours.Very pigmented.Doesn’t smell.

Cons of P2 Pure Color Lipstiông xã in 059 Copacabana:


Last Word on P2 Pure Màu sắc Lipstiông chồng in 059 Copacabana:

Totally recommendable, nothing to complain about và only good things to lớn mention. Again, it is super pigmented, very creamy & moisturizing, doesn’t smell, very reasonable, & the packaging is quality looking. What more vày you want?! Anyway, take care ladies xoxo.

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pretty color Sahar & thanks for sharing the pic. would also love sầu khổng lồ know what blush you have sầu used..

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