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Grand Theft tự động hóa V / GTA 5
2.63 GB
Port PC to Android

Download APK và DATA fileUnzip the DATA file to Android/data. (The exact path is “Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa”)Install apk file và play gameMaybe not work on apk 11
Grand Theft tự động V, or GTA 5, is known for vast open-world gameplay and full freedom with endless entertainment potential. It is also known for its online function, where chaos reigns & every place the player passes is filled with humor or excitement created by hundreds of players. Some unique content even made it popular và became one of the best-selling content on the market.

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GTA V will bring everyone dangerous & intense adventures of illegal activities from many underworld gangs. It allows the player to dip into some of the activities or prominent transactions of the mafia or gangster gangs, always putting the player in danger. However, the game play has absolute freedom, và players can vị whatever they want to enjoy everything to lớn the fullest.

Moreover, players can explore the entire essence of the trò chơi through three different perspectives, namely Franklin, Michael, & Trevor. Each has different fates, but their mission system is complex to lớn diversify their experience to new heights. That also affects the player’s lifestyle but has depth in the plot development or the interaction of each character.


Players’ interaction with the environment is taken to the next level, making their experience more real và making movement smoother than ever. When touched, some items will even have special effects, & players can discover many impressive effects from interacting with the environment. On vị trí cao nhất of that, players can drive whatever they see on the road & start with the truths in interacting with the game’s environment.



Besides the variety of characters và interactive environments, GTA V will surprise players with a realistically developed mission system. It also combines many attractive & intense elements lớn introduce players lớn all features or unique mechanics in gameplay. Everything is also developed in great detail, making each player’s action or scenario immersive và impressive potential.

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The entire online vps of the game is the presence of the concept of pure chaos, where all player activities are monitored, or players are always killing each other. Moreover, it is also trang chủ to many exciting activities that the base trò chơi does not have & comes with custom nội dung to keep players entertained. Of course, online sessions are always the perfect places for players lớn entertain their friends và do the craziest things.



GTA V also takes advantage of a realistic và vivid graphics engine in every detail khổng lồ make players more immersive if they switch to lớn the first-person perspective. Other graphical elements such as image processing or post rendering effects will have many significant enhancements khổng lồ optimize the system và create impressive explosion effects. The game will also have a few graphics mods lớn enhance the visual unique of everything khổng lồ new heights for players khổng lồ enjoy to its full potential.

In offline mode, the game play and plot of GTA V are developed in-depth và have many attractive ideas. However, suppose the player dips into the online session. In that case, all concepts in offline mode are useless, as chaos is everywhere, & the player will have infinity entertainment.

You are now ready to download Grand Theft auto V / GTA 5 for free. Here are some notes:

Please read our mod Info and installation instructions carefully for the game và app lớn work properlyDownloading via 3rd tiệc ngọt software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
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