With the rise of ingredient driven brands such as The Ordinary, The Inkey List, Emulsion and Revolution Skincare, many of us have been deep diving inkhổng lồ the science of skincare. Dedicated Instagram pages & Youtube channels aid in figuring out exactly how lớn tackle specific skin concerns and what products khổng lồ use. Seeing as I am an angry ass bitch, I have quite a pronounced frown line running all the way across the width my forehead.

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I took to the only trustworthy source of information these days, The Internet, and found out I could try some retinol lớn take that roadbản đồ on my forehead down a notch.

What is retinol?

Retinol is a derivative of Vi-Ta-Min A, a molecule that naturally occurs in our skin. Vitamin A is essential for the creation and repair of skin cells and is pretty much responsible for all the elements of Good Skin™: plump- and firmness, a nice glow and even texture. Yaaas.

Our bodies source vitamin A from meat, fish, eggs & dairy, or convert carotenoids from red, green, yellow & orange fruits và vegetables into lớn Vi-Ta-Min A. Deficiencies are rare in the developed world, but to really get that skin glowing, more is more.

What does it bởi for my skin?

Applying retinol topically through skincare products promotes cell turnover, brightens skin tone, boosts collaren production và reduces acne. Because of its antioxidant properties, it’ll also help protect your skin from không lấy phí radical damage, an important cause of premature aging.


Why bởi vì I need lớn build up my retinol use?

Retinol can be very irritating if used too frequently or in a strongly concentrated formula. The Ordinary suggest starting your retinol regimen with their 0,2% concentration và gradually move sầu onlớn 0,5% and 1% to give sầu your skin the chance to lớn build tolerance. Side effects if you don’t may contain redness, peeling & a burning sensation. Especially around the eyes & mouth, things can get truly flakey.

Another important note lớn make is that, just lượt thích acids, retinoids make your skin more sensitive to lớn UV. So unless you slap on that SPF, all that hard work could be completely futile.

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Read more: Paula’s Choice is even more diligent & has a moisturiser with a 0,01% concentration! 

The Ordinary’s Retinol 1% in Squalane: a review case study diary

So let’s rewind to me trying to find a cure for that earthquake rupture on my forehead. Beautycất cánh had a nice promotion going on và I figured I would use the opportunity to lớn finally jump aboard the retinol train. I looked at 0,2%. I briefly skimmed over 0,5%. Fuchồng that man I want to lớn see RESULTS. Why build sKiN tOlErAnCe anyway?


So, thinking I was putting my big girl pants on, I went for the 1% concentration. Mind you, this is before I did the research for this post. Anyway, this is how it went down…

Dear Diary… Day 1

I finally got my Beautybay order today! Along with the Retinol 1% in Squalane, I ordered the regular Squalane, too. I went trough my first bottle recently và I had been missing this stuff. I put a few drops of the Retinol on my forehead, between my eyebrows and around the eyes. I was expecting lớn feel something, but nope, nothing so far! Let’s see how this goes tomorrow…

Day 2, 3 & 4

I had to lớn check if maybe I had mixed up the Retinol with the regular Squalane cause I’m not noticing anything. No redness, no flaking, no irritation but also: no results. Booo. I’ll keep using it for a little longer, but for now I’m a little sceptical.

Day 5

HOLY MOTHER OF SHITBALLS MY FACE IS ON FIRE!!!! Instead of taking my regular Body Pump class I haphazardly stumbled into lớn a Body Attaông xã class with, oh I don’t know, about 40 people in a non-airconditioned room. The heat was unbearable & as soon as the sweat started to lớn flow, it felt like Satung himself was breathing down my face: a fiery burning sensation started lớn spread & mostly the area around my eyes was SUFFERING.Because I was dying from all those fucking jumping jacks anyway, I decided to retreat to lớn the locker room & splash some water in my face. Don’t even bother with the towel: that shit feels lượt thích sandpaper. The sensation lasted until I thoroughly washed my face at trang chính và slathered my skin in a fragrance không lấy phí cicacream. No retinol for me today.

Week 2

The past few days my face has been recovering from the literal Body Attaông xã. I left my skin alone for a bit, only applying some day và night creams & being super gentle with cốt tông pads & towels: no rubbing, just dabbing. Other than the irritation, I noticed my under eyes look like two deflated balloons. Floppy và wrinkly. Dear lord, what have I done.

Week 3

Every sweaty thể hình session leads khổng lồ an uncomfortable feeling but I’m glad to lớn say the worst of it has passed. I’ve started applying the retinol almost daily on my forehead again, because you know, Y O L O. The visibility of my frown line has decreased significantly, especially in the middle. Because the eye area is still very delicate, I’m on a hydration only routine there.

Week 4

I’ll be going on a sunny vacay soon so I’ve temporarily put all retinoids và acids on hold to avoid the increased sensitivity to UV rays. My eye contours have sầu regained moisture và plumpness & are almost baông chồng to lớn their normal selves. Has my brief encounter with Satung retinol brought forth any permanent results? Well yes, my forehead does look better in fact! But the question remains: was it worth the abominable experience?


In conclusion:

Do as I say, not as I bởi, and get yourself the 0,2% concentration if you’re starting out. I rarely ever break out or experience any sort of irritation & I’m very nonchalant about what I put on my face, as you can probably tell by this article. When I get baông chồng from my holiday và my boyfriend has finished his second bottle of Marine Hyaluronics, I’ll be ordering the 0,2% because I am now a responsible, informed woman. I’ll probably get their new cleanser too, cause I flappin’ love trying out cleansers.