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Valiant Hearts game android is a trò chơi set in the first world war, sure khổng lồ amuse you with the touching story of warriors. Besides a good story, this game also has a unique classic graphics style và many attractive new features. Are you curious about it? If so, let’s explore it now.

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Note: Try other games of the same genre lượt thích Headland or The First Tree.

Introduce about Valiant Hearts

Valiant Hearts was recently released on the app android platform by quảng cáo trên internet Ubisoft Entertainment. However, in 2014, it was available on many other platforms such as PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360. This trò chơi quickly received the love of a large number of players around the globe thanks to its story based on a real story about the war.


Many players proved lớn love this trò chơi partly because of its graphics. The trò chơi brings a pretty fancy graphics style, according to the trend of painting art. Therefore, it not only successfully depicts the fierce war scene but also brings closeness khổng lồ the player. From there, it is easy khổng lồ receive sympathy from the fans.


Valiant Hearts is the only war trò chơi in which the player doesn’t need to fight. It favors the adventure genre & incorporates puzzle elements. Players will begin their journey lớn different locations on the battlefields of World War I, pick up essential items & use them khổng lồ solve given situations. Basically, situations in games are laid out in the khung of puzzles. They are not too difficult and every player can solve them in no time. This is the publisher’s intention when creating Valiant Hearts, they bởi not want to interrupt the player’s emotions while participating in the plot of the storyline.

Discover stories about soldiers


Through the journey to discover places from France khổng lồ Germany, players will gradually understand the stories that the game brings. The story begins when in 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia, starting world war I globally. During the war, in France, the government ordered all German citizens khổng lồ be expelled from their country. & the characters in the game also appear from here, typically Emile, Marie, Karl, Freddie, Anna, và Von Dorf.

See the world through the perspective of each character

Each character in the trò chơi has a chất lượng situation. Và players will in turn become one of them to explore their story. Characters have a close relationship with each other, be it husband & wife, father, son, friends, or even enemies. Faced with different relationships, how would you handle it? Each situation in the game will leave you with countless levels of emotions, which can be happy, sad, angry, empathy.


In wartime, soldiers not only have khổng lồ fight with bombs, bullets, guns but also have to lớn fight with their souls. It is not easy lớn maintain honesty in every person when they are in difficult circumstances. You will see this from the perspective of each character. Each angle will give players its own feelings, thereby enriching their own soul & mind.


As noted above, Valiant Hearts also offers puzzles throughout the experience. Although it is not too difficult players need to make sure they get the right answer in order khổng lồ continue their journey. The quizzes will relate khổng lồ what’s going on in the game. They ask the player to lớn repeat it or give a simple situation. For example, when you meet wreckage on the road, what vị you do? In fact, you can use grenades to lớn destroy them.

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Valiant Hearts is a chain of events, so it contains no controls. Players will take turns going through the events, solving puzzles by clicking on the appropriate responses, then going lớn the next event. This is really consistent with the gameplay, as it cannot interrupt people’s emotions with complex controls. It’s easy for players to lớn experience the trò chơi for a long time without feeling bothered. Because it’s as simple, subtle, & fun as a movie.


Many trò chơi critics and players around the globe have praised Valiant Hearts for the graphical aspect. It really surprised fans because there aren’t many games that can vày so. Just by the 2d graphics platform with simple lines like in cartoons, the game is enough lớn highlight the fierce war scene và the mood of each character in it.

From the combination of color, thiết kế style, transition effects, to sound, this game does a great job of expressing the nội dung it wants to lớn convey deeply. Especially in terms of sound, it is mixed melodies, sometimes soft và deep, sometimes intense & noisy. It keeps moving in such a flexible way according to lớn the plot, thereby attracting players into the world of the trò chơi easily.

How lớn install Valiant Hearts

Step 1: tải về the version Valiant Hearts (Original APK) from

Step 2: On your apk phone, mở cửa install unspecified.

Step 3: Tap Install OBB -> Select ( move to lớn Android/Obb directory..

Step 4: Tap Select.

Step 5: Follow the steps on the screen.

Download Valiant Hearts MOD android for Android

If you’ve never watched movies or played war games, I think you should give Valiant Hearts a try once in your life. Why? Play it so you can better understand the plight of people in wartime. They are separated from their families, lost loved ones, & even sacrificed their lives in exchange for improper political interests. At the present moment, the world is at peace and we are enjoying a peaceful life. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to lớn understand the people of ancient times. That’s why it is highly recommended lớn play Valiant Hearts. Because it will help you vị this.

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