Angel long transfer period - the martial arts world 3d is a masterpiece game role-playing actions according lớn the novel : thien long bat bo famous Kim"s Contents, With 1 series of the comic arts her page, like : I lie warrior, the predator jack-shit, smiling arrogant thugs.... Bược in world games you will be incarnation in the person you the old lady like : Corporate, honor lớn technique wavering on the, nhat duong chi..

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Bad arch with the great over the martial arts world, lượt thích : buddha palm, authorize it, okay calm nerves. Or Kieu Phong with great skill set : a rồng that bat chuong, han long thap bat chuong. You will also be drag pops up the martial world, communicating so the martial arts with the master, other as : the South Empire Company Location Top, West poison Europe Yang Feng, North Side furniture, East evil Queen"s potion master...heir to lớn the title game connection hours out before that, lượt thích : hum lam truyen skittles, kiem the mobile, tuyet dai song kieu, trò chơi thien long contract but dac diem swell attracts players lượt thích :- System a the variety, main mission line lớn a line assignment, every day, extremely a lot make you feel like not being bored- weapons System, armed beauty with the mode familiar, lượt thích : jing training, costa rica nảm, forcing pearl, west training, forcing you...- otherwise the system zoo wedding, pet, extreme fun, Take care of animals, riding also strengthens them inspiration for the character of a friend- System characters split up enough of the army act consists of four clans : Martial arts Is, The Zen, temple, japan Moon lớn begin the road we"ll wander the world his own- a Lot of skill new beautiful, state sent a nest team lien minh san monster chien truong in lieu, in kim het need kiem the- graphic 3d smooth sharp eighteen sharpen detailsThough new eyes but the long has received the support of very large from the community game players :“I like crazy about tieu thuyet thien long bat bo now a transport truck in the trò chơi is wonderful” – trò chơi players truong hum skittles share“the graphics were wonderful,after a couple of minutes go to lớn work tired, be up lie with a secure bottom in the country, lien minh go to san boss khủng make me melt bien de-stress” – a Nickname : lenh ho around face xetAnd change to lớn the play: vi tieu how then to know “Game 3d but play very smooth without hot machine,”And wait are you waiting for, let"s step into the world hum lam kiem hiep full of weird animals lớn throw bat a ho, prove your skills you the perfect han except for the time the mass violence now !