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Play the Winx Club Games khổng lồ become a part of a magical realm! The fairies of Magix need your help to lớn fight against evil & to protect their friends!


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Join the fairies on the planet of Magix!

The Winx Club Games will introduce you lớn a world unlike anything you have seen before. Everything is so colored, bright, sparkly, adorable, and filled with the mystical power of magic! However, this isn't the only thing that has transformed the Winx Club into a wildly successful animated fantasy and adventure series! In fact, this Italian-American television production has captured the hearts of fans all over the world, regardless of gender or age.

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As a result, the show has been ongoing since 2004, generating huge sales of dolls, accessories, and other merchandise. What is more, there have been live-action adaptations, three movies, a comic book series, và even a stage musical. What a success!

Are you ready to lớn step inside this magical realm? to begin with, you should know that this series follows a group of students at Alfea College for Fairies. As you might expect, this is no ordinary boarding school! Placed on the planet of Magix, this ancient place is where fairies learn how to lớn control their powers và learn new spells. Moreover, they use their new skills lớn fight evil và be the guardians of their planets. Can you believe that some of them will even become the queens of their realms?

As is the case with any boarding school, the teenagers will bond & form groups. You're in luck, as I will introduce lớn the coolest gang you'll ever meet! Six of the most exceptional students in the school have united lớn fight evil. Despite their many differences, they have learned how to stick together và face any adversities. See more of their magical realm with the World of Winx game!

Learn true friendship with the Winx Club Games!

Are you ready to meet the members of the Winx Club? They are so charming and unique that I'm sure you'll fall for them immediately!

To begin with, let's meet the leader! At first, Bloom was an insecure teenager who knew nothing about her real parents & magical powers. However, as she learns more about magic and her true origins, Bloom develops into a confident và powerful fairy.

In fact, she is the guardian of the Dragon's Flame, one of the most powerful fairies in the Magical Dimension. What is more, she has a heart of gold & many friends: fairies and animals alike. Help her pet bunny reach her in Kiko's Adventure game!

Are you in the mood for a chat? Then look for Stella, the Fairy of the Shining Sun! Even though her royal origins can make her proud và self-centered, she cares deeply about her family & friends. Also, her charming optimism và killer sense of fashion makes her presence truly lovely!

Next, I invite you for a stroll in the gardens. Here you will meet one of the most kind-hearted và sensitive fairies, Flora. Can you believe that she can talk to lớn plants, help them grow, và even bring them back to lớn life? Visit her và lend her a helping hand with Flora's Garden game!

Are you ready lớn meet Tecna? Beware, she is one of the most intelligent fairies you will ever meet! Additionally, she is also tech-savvy & the tactician of the team. Isn't that impressive?

What is that amazing sound? I think it's Musa, the Fairy of Music! At first, she might seem snarky or harsh, but you'll soon discover that behind her rough exterior hides an emotionally vulnerable girl.

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Beware of the powers of evil!

Everybody knows that any story would be incredibly boring without antagonists. As a result, I invite you lớn meet some of the most dangerous enemies of the Winx Club.

Ready or not, here come the Trix! Because they are direct descendants of the Ancestral Witches, the trio is extremely powerful & deadly. What is more, the three sisters attend the Cloud Tower School for Witches, where they are idolized & feared by classmates và professors alike. Can you guess why?

To begin with, meet Princess Icy! As her name suggests, she is as cold và cruel as can be. Besides, she is incredibly powerful & hates all Alfea fairies! Can you believe that not even her sisters và pets can escape her torments? You can meet her companion, a silly duckling, in the Hallowinx's Magic Cauldron game.

Stormy is the youngest of the three Trix sisters. It's easy lớn notice that, compared to lớn her family, she is the most aggressive & sure of herself. What is more, she is young, wild, and loud. You should fear her rage powered lightning bolts and her ability khổng lồ control the weather!

And lastly, but not least, meet Darcy! Even though she shares her sisters' cruelty, she is more controlled và less violent of the three. Moreover, she uses darkness, illusions, và hypnotics to lớn confuse and control her opponents. Isn't that terrifying?

Many other dangerous foes await you in the Winx Club Games. Are you ready lớn face them all? Learn the value of friendship from your fairy friends and get ready for battle! You will need to be brave and use the powers of magic wisely khổng lồ succeed!

There are currently 34 free online Winx Club games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android & iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30. The most popular trò chơi is Winx Club: Dress Me Up, which has been played 46338 times so far, và the most rated one is Nickelodeon: Kingdoms, with 2343 votes received. These Winx Club games received an aggregate rating of 81 / 100 from a total of 15178 votes.

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