Hello Ladies! I have sầu this insane obsession over lip products. I"m constantly on a buying rampage for lipsticks, lip glosses, lip tints, balms... you name it.

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I have dry lips, which is why I am always on the search for good, moisturizing lipsticks which will give sầu my lips a smoother appearance.
Today"s nhận xét is on Yadah Auto Lip Crayon. I got these in two shades: Tangerine Orange and Cotton Candy.
Yadah is one of my favorite Korean brands becausethey produce hypoallergenic & low-chemical plant-derived skin care and makeup products. A lot of their makeup products are paraben-free.
Yadah Auto Lip Crayon gives you a rich color with a soft-matte finish. It is long-wearing, lightweight & contains macadamia seed oil to lớn moisturize và soothe lips.
These are the main ingredients:Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Rosa Canina Seed Extract, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil.
I vì not have sầu the full danh mục of ingredients as it isn"t stated on the trang web, & the baông xã of the box is written entirely in Korean.
Yadah Aulớn Lip Crayons are designed to look like crayon pencils :) Each lip crayon is packed in a blaông xã triangular box.

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They"ve sầu got a transparent plastic cap on one kết thúc. On the opposite end, you"ll see that it is colored according lớn the shade of the lipstichồng. These lip crayons are retractable by twisting the plastic colored tips.
I really lượt thích the packaging of the sản phẩm. I like how I"m able to know which shade I"m picking just by looking at the colored tips. Doesn"t it get frustrating when lipstick cases are made of the same color, và you have sầu khổng lồ refer khổng lồ the color code on the label underneath each time?

I applied lip balm before doing these swatches. Lip balms are a must for me anyway, I"ve sầu got dry lips và the lines are pretty obvious as you can see.


I"m amazed by how pigmented the Tangerine Orange shade is. It has a really good color payoff và it is very noticeable on my lips. It is bright, bold & 100% orange!
On the other hvà, the Cotton Candy shade isn"t as noticeable. Based on how it appeared on the lip crayon, I was expecting it to lớn be more vibrant. However, the color turned out to lớn be a light, muted pink. This shade is still very pretty và sweet. It is a shade which I would piông xã more often khổng lồ wear for work.
I only applied one layer in the pictures above sầu. The colors are definitely buildable, so apply more layers if you want more color. Tangerine Orange has a slightly glossy finish, whereas Cotton Candy has a soft-matte finish.
Tangerine Orange feels slicker và glossier compared lớn Cotton Candy. Overall, these lipsticks are non-sticky và extremely lightweight. It"s moisturizing & doesn"t dry out my lips. One layer is sufficient lớn get the shade và color I want, so it never feels thiông chồng at all.
Because of the soft-matte finish Cotton Candy has, it tends to lớn accentuate the lines and cracks on my lips. I have sầu khổng lồ be really careful when applying it, và I would only use it on "good lip days" when my lips are not super dry. Tangerine Orange is definitely better due to lớn it having a slightly glossy finish.
These lip crayons last for half a day without eating or drinking. It still lasts pretty long even when you drink, so don"t worry about it too much. The color fades off when you eat, but it leaves a stain behind so your lips still have a subtle wash of color.
Does not contain parabensPigmented with good color payoffMoisturizing, lightweight and non-stickyGlides on easily for applicationTangerine Orange hides my dry lip linesGorgeous colorsLong lasting